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Fighter Jet

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.23 MB

Date added: 2014-11-13

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 1324

Views: 285

Comments: 14

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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You are the pilot of a fast and powerful fighter jet. Your mission is to destroy a TIE Fighter (from Star Wars fame) that was spying on your secret command base. You must cripple or destroy the TIE Fighter before it can return to its home base which is deep underground. The only access to the base is through a very long tunnel in which you must fly your jet in order to take down the enemy TIE Fighter.

(Wow, what a fantastic story! :lol: )

More info: When you fire your gun and score a hit, you will see a white flash in front of your jet. You won't see anything when you miss (except for a lower hit percentage!).

It is very difficult to score hits because that TIE Fighter moves around very quickly!
Last edited at 2014/11/13 05:33:19 by Xray
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if you are still confusied all of the scenes you saw were made at diffrent times of the 2 years i have ben playing with out an aconut they were all save scenes from the 2 yers i have ben playing do you get it now :) :) :)
Yes, and I got it before, and I also got it the time before that. You just didn't understand what I said. :) :) :)

Okay now... If you have a specific question about a specific scene, then it's best to ask the question in the comments section of the specific scene. But if you have general questions about how to do something, then rather than clutter up the comments section of someone's scene page, it's best to ask those kinds of general questions in the forum. Do you have a forum account setup yet? If not, are you having any problems with it? I may be able to help you with that.
The game is quiet trippy thoug,very easy to get dizzy! @~@"

By the way,the game is very hard and fun at the same time! the "TIE Fighter" is too hard to shoot right at the target point.

Here's my overall points:

The scene is very well done,i like it!:tup:
A very interesting 2.5D Illusion.
Somehow it reminds me of the South Park episode when Randy Marsh plays a game where he tries to catch the dragon - but there's no chance to get him. xD
Oh by the way @Xray: Have you any nice link of a picture with Justin Biebers Head for the Apple???
I searched but found nothing very well until now.:(
But a picture when he was a little younger (the little mothers boy).
faytree - Yes, the animation does make a person dizzy, and so I would not recommend that the scene be played for more than a few minutes at a time. Some people are very sensitive to repetitive motion, which can cause seizures.

S.A. - I no longer want to make suggestions for your apple scene because I got into trouble over it with my first suggestion, and I don't want that to happen again! :lol: (sorry) So, the only thing that I will suggest for you is to do a Google "images" search for a specific person, and it will give you lots of pictures to choose from. Good luck!
Oh wow that was a very difficult game, the trick is to predict were the TIE will be.
Xray, could you explain us the complex scripting system that you used in this game?
lololoer - Yes, the game is very difficult, and I purposely made it that way because in the past I made some games that people complained were too easy! I am not very skilled at playing video games, and so what seemed difficult for me was easy for other people (including you!).

The scripting is really not too complex at all. There is script for the animation, which just runs continuously in a loop, and there is some script that randomizes the position of the TIE Fighter. The TIE Fighter is anchored to various points (one of six) with a spring. A random number generator picks numbers between 1 and 6 every second which anchors the end of the spring to one of six points that are near the front of the jet airplane. Then there is the script that translates and rotates the jet. The movement is done with springs that push and pull the jet, and there are also springs that push and pull the animated scenery in the opposite direction of the jet in order to increase its movement range. And finally there is code that handles shooting and scoring. The various scripts are located in various places in the scene. So, the script overall may seem like its complex, but that's only because there are many different functions that need to be handled in the game. Individually, each script for each function is fairly simple for any person with moderate programming experience.
xray did you decide because... uh nevermind just tell me
kino2007 - What is it that you want? I read that insane scene of yours that I had to delete, but I wasn't able to understand your ramblings. Your message sounded like it was written by someone totally buzzed out on drugs. So, if you are sober now, and want to tell me what you want from me, then go ahead and post another comment here. If it's totally goofy like your other message to me, then I will delete it and tell you not to bother me again. But if your request is serious and reasonable, then I will see what I can do for you.
Last edited at 2014/11/15 05:31:30 by Xray
The up/down control is totally ass backwards for any RC, simulator or real world pilot including most old arcade games....
Pull up push down!!!!
The graphics are real cool but they tear out my eyeballs in a just a few seconds of play:'(
Still kinda well done but I cant play it;)
Gent - Yes, you are correct about the pitch control being backwards, and I knew about that when I was writing the script for it. I am a real world Private Pilot, and of course I know how the pitch control in a real airplane works. Push the yoke forward, the nose points down. Pull the yoke back, and the nose points up. But my assumption was that most non-pilots would not understand that. When you look at a computer keyboard, the Up key means UP, and the Down key means DOWN, and so that's how I programmed this game.

I don't know how many people would prefer that the pitch control be opposite to how I made it, and I'm not going to take a poll to find out, and so I will consider modifying the game to give users the option to change how the pitch control works. If it's fairly easy to do, then I will make the change over the next few days as time permits. If/after I make the change, please let me know how you like it or dislike it. Thanks!

UPDATE: Well, I looked at my code, and I reached the conclusion that it would be too time-consuming to make that change that I mentioned above. Therefore, it will remain as was originally programmed. But I will keep your suggestion in mind for any future scenes that I make that have up/down "pitch" controls in them.
Last edited at 2014/11/19 06:08:16 by Xray
X-ray, can you please stop removing my scenes and look at the title that the scene said "Pointless" on it?:(
BlueYoshi9001 - I will not stop deleting scenes that do not meet certain standards or criteria. It's part of my job to make sure that scenes do not violate the Algodoo Terms of Service, and also to make sure that scenes, in my opinion, are not a waste of time for others to download and view them. People may not like what I do, but it's a necessary thing that I do which helps to keep Algobox from turning into a nightmare where everyone does whatever they want to.

If a scene is "pointless" (like the one you referred to) then I have no reason to let it stay on the Algobox scene display pages. If you are concerned about your scenes getting deleted, then don't upload pointless scenes!

This is all I have to say to you on this issue, so please do not continue to discuss it with me, if that's what you were planning on doing. I will give you some time to read this comment, and then I will delete both this comment and yours.

Thanks for your concerns.