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Real Bending

screenshot of the scene

Author: s_noonan

Group: Technical

Filesize: 50.94 kB

Date added: 2014-10-25

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1366

Views: 225

Comments: 13

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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1/R = M/(EI)
theta = dL/R
M/theta = EI/dL
bendConstant = M/theta
bendConstant = EI/dL

R = bend radius of curvature
M = bending moment
E = Modulus of Elasticity
I = moment of inertia
dL = short length of beam
theta = angle of curvature for dL
Last edited at 2016/07/02 20:29:33 by s_noonan
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Wow you must be a real engineer_o_
I normally don't like them, mutters under his breath:lol:
But I favorited this as handy reference vs digging thru my poor dog eared
cover falling off 26th edition of the Machineries Handbook for data I still
don't understand on what size piece of wide flange H section I need to hold
X amount of weight at Y span:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
Probly why I over build the hell out of things in the real world:blush:
My "ultralight" plane weighs 480lb :lol:
Flys nice anyway :lol: :lol:
Yes, I am an engineer. I can understand why somebody may dislike engineers, especially someone who has built real stuff. Engineers tend to think they have all the answers because they can calculate some things. People who make real stuff know differently because they have the real thing. The real thing will "tell" them things the engineer never even thought of.

I used to use something like this for calculating beam deflections

Beam Calculator

but now I use this

here Beam Analyzer or here Beam Analyzer

which handles all the cases on the first site plus all combinations of loading.
Cool thanks for those links, I rarely need that type of information but
at times its nice to KNOW you seriously over killed something when lives
are at risk;)
I'm just a lowly Machinist/CNC programmer/electronics tech/heavy equipment mechanic/operator/plumber and just kind of handy to have around:lol:
I do respect engineers and concider myself a jackleg but I think the first
2 years of engineering school should be spent on the shop floor learning how
things are made BEFORE training on CAD systems how to design elegant looking
CRAP that cant be serviced :bonk:
John Deere equipment is the worlds worst, looks nice, operator friendy
Impossible to work on................
s_noonan ,can you explain me what could this be used for?
Last edited at 2014/10/26 19:44:32 by lololoer
This could be used to make Algodoo models behave more like real life or to estimate real life deflections. It might be used to predict bending of bridges, bike frames, diving boards, trees, light posts, car leaf springs, skate boards, flexures, or anything made of flexible material. It might be of limited use in Algodoo since I'm not sure it can be directly applied to guns, tanks, grenades, marbles, or explosions.

P.S.: It's probably not all that useful. I just wanted to see if I could simulate real accurate bending with Algodoo. It's similar to my Massive Spring scene which is also of limited use but accurately predicts the shape of an elastic catenary (like wires on a telephone pole).
Last edited at 2014/10/26 20:29:22 by s_noonan
@s_noonan -- I knew you were an engineer, but I wasn't sure what discipline. For a while I thought you were an electrical engineer (double-E) because of a few scenes you made with electronic components in them. Now I know the truth about you being an M.E. and because of that I will never have any respect for you again.

LOL, just kidding of course! :lol: In my opinion, you are one of the smartest people here on Algobox who make very technical scenes. Much of your stuff (like this scene) is over my head, but that's Okay because I usually learn something from them regardless.
Thanks for the compliment. You're right, I'm a M.E., but I did work as a software engineer for a few years, and I've done a fair amount of playing around with electronics. The reason I use Algodoo so much is that it allows me to try stuff and create things without the blood, sweat, and tears of doing it in real life.
....and without the liabilities! ;)
cool... now build a i phone 6 ;D
We software guys can certainly build a limited I-Phone simulator, but it's impractical or impossible for us to duplicate all the intricate mechanical and electrical components of a real I-Phone. (I'm sure you knew that) ;)
It's hard for any one person to do everything. See How I built a toaster from scratch
Thanks for that link, s_noonan. That talk was interesting and humorous. Then the next TED Talk that popped up after that one was also very interesting, and educational. It was more of a history lesson about how technology can advance only through the exchange of ideas between human groups and other cultures: When Ideas Have Sex This one really got me thinking because I've always wondered what it would be like to be able to take a cell phone back in time to the 18th or 19th century and give it to the smartest people during that time to see if they could figure out what it is and how it works. Of course it would be as strange to them as if an advanced Alien being were to land here on Earth in 2017 and give us humans a piece of technology that was hundreds or thousands of years ahead of our technology and understanding. We would not have a clue what it does or how it works, and it would be impossible for us to duplicate it.
Last edited at 2017/03/04 02:51:09 by Xray
Thanks to both of you , s_noonan and Xray! Both for work, thoughts and youtube-links, i like both! :tup: