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Flying SA-2 Samson

screenshot of the scene

Author: eanayayo

Group: Default

Filesize: 3.01 MB

Date added: 2014-08-22

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 3582

Views: 402

Comments: 5

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

heli engine,

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Breakable Samson from Avatar(2009). Thanks Kilinich for his HeliEngine
Added side gun. Thanks Alien_RG for aiming by mouse
Added missles
Version 1.3
Last edited at 2014/09/20 14:56:42 by eanayayo
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Mine is better, it's stabilized so it doesn't flip over and thanks to ngphil mine has a working machine gun and an actual rotor animation instead of rotating lasers.

Precision flight test (BEFORE the rotor anim and the machine gun)

Machine gun test
Last edited at 2014/08/23 00:13:37 by DualDesertEagle
DualDesertEagle, your SA-2 isn't realistic. It hasn't rotors with normal angle and it's not brakable. Is you SA-2 really better?
Last edited at 2014/08/23 07:48:41 by eanayayo
this is pretty good, actually. but when DualDesertEagle and I finish our SA-2 Samson, give that a try. it feels a lot more simple to control, and the rotor animations look a bit better than the lasers. Also, I spent quite a bit of time working on the machine gun for it, and added script to the rockets to make them detonate on impact. I will also be working on the script to make them heat-seeking as well. He and I may work on it to make it breakable (we're probably going to be adding obstacles and enemies that fire back). also, It isn't about who's is better or worse. it's really about the creativity that goes into it. the lasers look really cool as rotors on yours, but I spent over a half hour to get the rotor animations to work right. we can work on adjusting the angle to make it better as well.

I rated your scene a solid ten, because this has tons of detail and work, and the rotor lasers were very clever. also, that it's breakable, but still works well, is awesome:lol:
Thank you, ngphill;)

Your rotor's animaition looks really better, but real Samson's rotors has more acute angle, angle of yours give a simpler way to make realistic rotor animation.

I'll update my scene, because I wanted to add side gun and auto engine-off when cabin is broken.

It helped me to make my SA-2