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Fully Mechanical 3 Cylinder Tractor

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 204.81 kB

Date added: 2014-07-29

Rating: 7

Downloads: 7297

Views: 531

Comments: 10

Ratings: 6

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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About Tractor:
This is fully mechanical tree cylinders, 4-stroke engine fuel running tractor. I don't know that the hell you want more:D
Well it can't be 100% mechanical of because spawn engine. Fuel system is not mechanical. Anything else is.
All part move only a ragdoll. When you see he shifting hear, that what he really do. When you see he pushing brakes/accelerator he really do that. You can see everything, i'm not cheating.
Well i din't did a like braking disk on back wheel just because it still do same and more than that it's more stable while he's on high density box.
Refuel - F
Ignition - I (toggle)
Starter - S (hold about 2-4 seconds)
Clutch - Ctrl (toogle)
Gears: A Up/ Z Down.
There is no dashboard, i don't think it needs one...
So i don't know, have fun i have worked with this one for a while..... Thank for support don't forget to comment, i love comments!

Technical information:
Gear box is with two parts, its gears im self, ad there is CVC. CVC makes tractor RPM go double with more power and double less speed. Top speed is about 30-40 km/h, not bad is'it? =D With unsoft wheels should be lot more.

What about engine?
Engine discipline is
1/3/2 But fire discipline is 1/2/3
Because engine is 4-Stroke it need's more power that 2-stroke. Engine Works double less times per each spin that simple 2-stroke.

Thanks about it. Can someone please try to count HP of it? I would like to know what kind of monster it is here.:D

Weight and power update. 2014 August 28 2:20 PM
Last edited at 2014/08/28 14:20:39 by vaidas369
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That was really amazing!
Great one:tup: u did an awesome work on this one 10/10 and can't wait to see the mustang finished :yum:
Good thinks, needs work friend. Just wait.:)
hm... a nice scene like always^^ :tup:
the power is approximately 17 hp at the rear wheel.
strange for a 4 ton vehicle^^

but i'm not sure of my calcul so it need to be verrified :bonk:
good job
and i was making a fully mechanical tractor too
Do it, maybe it will be better that mine!:)
I love it! Driving stick is so fun. 10/10
Its real, that why is awesome:D
Pretty awesome Man :tup:
You should try to Build a "Lanz Bulldog", its a old german Tractor with a single Cylinder Engine and I think about 10 l cubic capacity...
do what nub nub said plz:D