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Amazing Marble Race Luka Style Part 1

screenshot of the scene

Author: jcharlesk

Group: Default

Filesize: 157.17 kB

Date added: 2014-06-30

Rating: 5

Downloads: 2232

Views: 456

Comments: 19

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Credit to Luka.
Also, please don't say the order. I am going to be the only one to vote.
In this marble race there are only 3 viewer votes.
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28th black
27th goldenrod
26th cyan
28th d.magenta
27th white
26th orange
(I just dont see the results)
Just im doing for F-U-N
28th Dark Pink
27th Gray
26th Brown
Calm down everyone! There will be no banning on Algobox unless it's done by an Algodoo Admin. And when you guys engage in threatening each other, or insulting each other, then you risk getting banned regardless of who was "right" and who was "wrong". We want Algobox to be a fun and educational place where people can share their ideas and their scenes with other users. When you engage in quarrels and insults, then it becomes a bad experience for everyone who reads those nasty comments.

As you guys may have already found out from past experience, I come down hard on users who engage in threats, insults, and profanity. So, please keep the comments civil, and try to get along with each other even if you hate the colors of the other person's marbles. :lol:

Ok xray i will dont say anithing bad to jcharlesk
xray, why are my scenes being deleted?!?! it has some things moving in it!
jcharlesk - There's more to it than just having something "moving". In case you didn't know, Algobox is NOT about marble races. Yes, marble races have become popular with some users, especially the younger crowd, and that's Okay. But the original intent for Algobox is to have a place for Algodoo users to share their scenes which display various kinds of physical actions. It is a place to promote Algodoo, the program, and it is NOT a place where kids can get together and do nothing else but race marbles with each other. I wish there was a separate website where the marble race crowd can go and do their marble races apart from everyone else, but unfortunately we don't have that.

Okay, so marble races are Okay, but I have to continuously watch that people don't turn it into nothing but a giant marble race website where people can place bets, vote on favorite marbles, and buy/sell stuff with Algodollars! If I did not put a lid on it, that's exactly what would happen. In order to prevent that from happening, I have to limit the type of scenes that are allowed. So, if you upload scenes that ask for votes, or scenes that display "results" of races, or scenes that display pictures of your favorite marble champions, then those scenes will get deleted, even if there might be something "moving" in it.

Sorry, but that's how it's going to be as long as I continue to be Admin here on Algobox.

Last edited at 2014/07/09 00:10:09 by Xray
that seriously makes no sense to me! why are results bad for algodoo?
It doesn't have to make sense to you. You just need to accept the fact that there are rules, and there are good reasons for the rules. When people don't follow the rules, they get warned, and if they continue their unwanted behavior, then they get banned.
it sort of makes sense to me now.
Xray, Please teach me how to do scripting and please unban me i wanna post some scenes:(
RetroGuy - You have not been banned. If you were banned, then you would not be able to post a comment!

Concerning scripting, it's like learning a new language which takes many hours of study and practice. I doubt that anyone who uses Algobox will be willing to spend many hours teaching you how to write script. But you can learn about it by studying the Algodoo FORUM. That's how most people learned scripting. Then after you have learned the basics, you can learn more advanced scripting by studying other people's scenes.