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GTA SA Bobcat Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: Lucas

Group: Default

Filesize: 308.57 kB

Date added: 2014-06-27

Rating: 7.1

Downloads: 21023

Views: 1115

Comments: 29

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This is my second GTA SA car, i made it in late 2013.
If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you'll recognize it as one of the 3 pickups in this game. A Bobcat with the same design is found in GTA Vice City. It's based on the first gen Ford Ranger.

● Structure with chassis.
● Removable fender and door.
● Put stuff in bed with collision-group C.
● Easy to change the secondary color.
● Detailed deformation.
● Track with famous Vinewood-sign.
Last edited at 2014/06/28 00:20:28 by Lucas
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Nice one :tup: 9/10
Mustang have you seen my new MrLucasManSwe car?
Yep :coolgrin: thats another masterpiece already rated...
nice :tup:
very good as always
phun? :s
No lasers on my cars. :)
-Kilinich yup phun is still going :) me lucas and few more i know are using it :tup:
Last edited at 2014/06/27 20:53:52 by kmito222
Cool! 10/10! Btw, Lucas, Do you have GTA 5?
No i'm waiting for PC version.
Oh, Ok. When you get it, you will love it. I have some videos on my YT account of it:
This car is COOL!!!! also, can you make this car?
this car is named Palmont PD1 and its from Need for Speed: Carbon
Um well it depends.
Make it yourself, that's what Algodoo is for.
Yep.And hey Lucas,what kind of vehicle are you working on now?
Saloon with power windows, (made a YT video) i haven't started building it yet.
Delete the secondary color and you get a Sadler:P
Don't delete it, some things are attached to those polygons. Color it white instead. ;)
i made a Cabrio Bobcat XD
more like 10/10!!! mustang41
I USE PHUN!:) :) :) :)
I tried making a gta bloodring Banjer its awesome i didint uplodat it
And I make some crashable cars the last one on my list is the Palmont PD1
And 2 MOre cars from needforspeed: Rivals!
make a gta v stratun crashable
I was working on that
For me, your scenes aways have a rate 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your car crashes. Please make more Grand Thief Auto car crashes.
Its impossible to put every thing in the bed. instead i put 2 in the front and 3 in the back:lol:
Still here in 2019...
Please you gotta do next the Stallion (what a most iconic car for gta 3D?)
(in red would be awesome if you pick a random colour <3)
Love your scenes