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125, 4 Speed, Manual, American "baja" hill climber, (intro)

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Author: Rredlak

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Date added: 2014-06-01

Rating: 5

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***Please Comment What You Think***
125 RPM - Motor Speed
4 direct contact gears (1-2 offroad, 3-4 high speed)
Custom "Sabertooth" shocks
36.5 m/s top speed - 81 mph
**WARNING: Heavy braking while moving forwards may cause a roll
INTRO: this is the intro for operation of this motor/transmission
There are four gears, they are assigned to the [1] [2] [3] and [4] number keys on the top left of your keyboard, before shifting into gear always make sure that you are not moving too rapidly in reverse and that the brake is not on. Once you have checked these things you may engage the first gear, but before we get too into changing gears it would be a good idea to have the scene running. The scene starts with the car in park, before you can move, release the brake/parking brake, it is on and off only so watch out for high speed stops the recommended highest speed to keep the brakes locked down is 5 m/s. Now reverse the car onto the lift, once the car has settled in the chocks, raise the lift and then you can practice switching gears.
press [1] wait for the speed to build then [1] and [2] at the same time then [2] and [3] and finally [3] and [4]

If you are on the lift you can work on timing shifts for faster gear changes.

By the way i have more vehicles with these gearboxes so please comment and rate so i know if i should make/release more.

There is also a dump truck to drive that is for more "Advanced Operators" it is simply titled Rredlak:tup:
Last edited at 2014/06/01 03:06:01 by Rredlak
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I know this thing flips like nobodys business:bonk: but im still working on better brakes and if you can get the shifting down it makes it easier to drive the other truck i have (scene name: Rredlak)
This is bad because its just waay too complicaed to shift. Just make it 1-4, one key for each gear.
Both of my spring engine cars can reach well over 150 Mph. At least my two good ones.
If you wanna talk about speed i have a car that will do some 514 mph. the point of this vehicle was not top speed or acceleration, it was made to climb things. and to make the shifts easier, (say its in 1) just hit 1 and 2 at the same time and bam you moved your hand once to shift up, i like this better because neutral becomes an option which is especially useful on a drivetrain with no clutch.