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Buggy with Turbocharged I4 Spawn engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 251.81 kB

Date added: 2014-05-28

Rating: 7

Downloads: 6384

Views: 530

Comments: 23

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Hey everyone. Thanks that you read this.
I spend some time on this scene, first day i worked on engine and performance, second did all other stuff.
I think that this is my one of the most fun scenes i ever made so far. I don't know how about you but i have a LOT of fun.

When i created the engine i dint expected that he will accelerate so fast, i think that i gonna use this tech for others engines.

I used The Linkage's gear shifter, i spent half of day to understand all script but i dint:D
Please comment if you see any bug.
Rate as well i want to break my rating record!

I was thinking something good for a next scene, tell what you want and i will made it. I mean a car...:D

Enjoy the power!!!

Updated 2014/05/29 17:32
Last edited at 2014/05/29 17:32:30 by vaidas369
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I think holding brake should not stop engine, you need to add clutch. :y
Sure ,will do!
What do you think about the Buggy?
Last edited at 2014/05/28 22:40:10 by vaidas369
I have not played many cars with realistic engines. What do you mean with ''hold 1-2s''?
Hold starter button about 1-2 second.
You should add a timeToLive of .5 for the engine spawn balls so they are not laying all over the course
I will fix that.
The buggy will just spin if you keep accelerating on a jump. quit some strenght to the thruster I assume you're using ;)
P.S That must be the best engine type you can do. I've done one that is pretty similar (Fiat Bravo's) and worked that well too! And if you change damping to the springs, you can make a nicer idle mode without lowering so much the balls' weight.
What do you mean change damping to springs, change what exactly?
damping of "piston rods"
See my Fiat Bravo's scripts
Anyway, this engine is great!
It may be great, but I insist that the whole buggy just turns up.
That's much better! Good job :tup:
Do you like a new style?
Really good one:)
I love it!
I think this one is worthy of being added to my favorites!
Thanks lethalsquirrel damn you nick is hard to write:D
Wow,that's COOL!!,i'm very impressed on how your scene can reached up to staggering 1666+ downloads! congratulations!
btw,i like how the engine starts! keep it up,who knows your scene will become the most downloaded scene on Algobox 10/10
Thanks faytree, i just know how attract people to play it. And i have some kind of reputation in Algobox so when people download it they know what to expect. I think that is how it works.
Whoa faytree, this one won't become the most downloaded for sure xD. After it gets out of the popular screen it literally dies.

But vaidas, you're right about the "reputation" thing. My first scene that reached the first place here was the MB 250 CDI (which will burn your eyes with it's ugliness) and after that most of my scenes went there.
i liked the scene:D
i have question ;D as always

i built a similar engine and the spawned balls have to get the same velocity like the verhicle is moving ( or the engine won't work so good while moving)

could you tell me how i make vel: = [0.0,5.0]
to vel: =[, 5.0] or so?
please help me again (:!