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Bus V10 Spawn powered 100Hz

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 248.35 kB

Date added: 2014-05-20

Rating: 6.9

Downloads: 5127

Views: 360

Comments: 15

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This is new version of the bus, enjoy!!!

Comment if you see any bug.
Last edited at 2014/05/21 11:20:12 by vaidas369
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nice it is better then the other one
and i like the V10 engine
and one bug the starter does not spin the engine fast enough for the engine to start
but i found a way around it just hit the thottle when starting
PS: i like your other scenes too
Thanks dustville, that means a lot.:)
Great bus, great engine. I spend some good time playing this one. But the V10 engine fits more to the Viper or Lambo than for the bus. Most buses use inline six turbo diesel engine.

By the way, great scene keep it up. :tup:

Ah I forgot, you can use my ragdoll with credit of course :lol:
Sure thanks, Roman i'm a bit of your works fan. Can i use your cars but leave the credits for you?
I work most on performance not details, im not so good in that:D
Last edited at 2014/05/20 21:10:27 by vaidas369
You should redo the speedometer, because the bus can get to 200 Km/H. But it's good!
P.S: forget my bus. i'm VERY angry with algodoo because it got out of memory and crashed, so most of my work is lost.
Actually runs at 120 Hz
Then try again, never give up! And the scene should run on 100Hz, ok i can fix this fast, ant the starter as well.
Last edited at 2014/05/21 00:16:02 by vaidas369
Much better, but gears now very close and not a big differece which one is on.:tup:
Its a large bus, he needs lot of gears. Anyway how many of them have a real bus, like 7?
Works well. Nicely done.:tup: :tup:

Why the emphasis on sim.frequency = 100 Hz? Who cares? Is there some unwritten rule, or are you running the scene on a TRS-80?
Last edited at 2014/05/21 23:14:37 by s_noonan
Nope, its just because of the players, i want that players had max sim speed. If its gonna be on more then most of algodoo users get like only 20% of sim speed.
Also if you increase the frequency you're getting more juice from the engine "for free". I don't like that, because actually the challenging part of moving 13 tons with just spawning pretty light balls is making the engine work with a decent weight and size, in a hard frequency like 100 Hz (the old default). That's enough in most cases
The Linkage
dont give up on your bus (algodoo have ran out of ram a few times on me too)

and i might try make a bus too
Yes, but I had that error three times. I mean, imagine how big was the scene, taking in mind that i didn't use any textures.
Thanks anyways ;)
My advice, don't stop on a hill. Cause hill starts with this thing are damn near impossible :lol: