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Marble Race Tools (MarbleRaced)

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Author: MarbleRaced

Group: Default

Filesize: 360.93 kB

Date added: 2014-03-22

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 12417

Views: 1410

Comments: 48

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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My marble race tools finally have been put out! Use them in your races but
please give credit in your description:) Thx! Have fun!

Version 1.1: Added new features.
Version 1.2: Added Tunnel and Hook
Version 1.3: Added many new things!
Version 1.4: Added Squeezers and Ring.
Version 1.5: (Scripted Update) Added Gravity Pads ad Rainbow Path
Version 1.6: Added More Marbles and Teleporter
Version 1.7 Added an Improved Marble Ladder, Gear Conveyers, Multi Bowl and Small Organizer, Wall, Single Elimination,
And an Example Marble Race.
Last edited at 2014/06/10 16:37:00 by MarbleRaced
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These are all mine, just give credit if using them. Thx!
This pack will continuously be updated with new tools of mine. Stay updated:D
Also,I will do a marble pack
Give Credit for the Spinning Circle!!!'
Fine credit to Austin9700 for the spinning circles idea.
BTW nice logo!
Very cool marble race pack
good pack,are you going to add teleporter
I did
You Going To Add Box
Can I Credit With AlgoDollar
My tools are free, just use what you need. But keep up good races!:tup:
Yay! Thanks MarbleRaced
Marbleraced, you have to put the marbles to the colission!
Sorry, That was just a rush, I had to get to my Tennis lesson, FIXED!
Ok thanks;)
Can you make the moving bowl:)
ARE YOU Going To Add Box
Boxes are so easy to make! No point in adding it.
You Nedd To Add MultipleHole Funnel And Gear Conveyor
Ok, just wait, I am busy today. I will do tomorrow!:tup:
-Zozimoto2 I'm not MarbleRaced but Multiple Hole Funnel by Bros03!
Put text:/
On marbles i mean...
I have a new marble scene with colors, It is pointless
I knew it, but i CANT transport objects to other scense |:/
Why not? By the way, I am on a short hiatus, school ended and i want to relax, I will be back sometime in mid june
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