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Barrett M82 .50 Cal Sniper

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Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 260.64 kB

Date added: 2014-03-20

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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The Barrett M82 is a Rifle Chambered for .50 Cal Browning MachineGun (BMG) ammunition. This sniper rifle utilizes the force of recoil to operate the system, and features several buffer springs to reduce the recoil, with a roller-locked, recoil-operated, reciprocating barrel assembly. The accuracy and devastating impact of this weapon make it useful for target elimination within heavily armored structures or vehicles. Also, a variety of ammunition can be used, such as high explosive, armor piercing, and incendiary projectiles. This weapon has been used in the assassinations of several terrorist and insurgent figures in the middle east.

To use: Cycle action, switch safety to fire position, and fire with enter/return or trigger. A second magazine is provided, but when inserting it, make sure the locking tab is really locked, or else the magazine will drop right out again. You should see it "click" into place.

Thanks to Jakoman for the idea to replicate this weapon

added muzzle Flash script
Last edited at 2014/04/06 02:47:44 by ngphil
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That is an amazing skin you have drawn up for this gun, your guns get 10x more professional looking with each release !:tup:
Wow this is really good and great skin for it too.10/10