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Single cylinder fuel tractor

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Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.52 MB

Date added: 2014-03-04

Rating: 6

Downloads: 4548

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Comments: 7

Ratings: 3

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I done thin by like 5 hours. Sorry that it taking long time when i upload new scene, we just moving out now, and i have so much to do. Almost no time left for Algodoo.

For some reason by running longer engine tractor engine reach up to 800 RPM and tractor can run faster that 130 KM/H.

So here it is The Single Cylinder fuel engine.
It was fun to make it, i want more that one:D

Add Fuel - F
Ignition - I
Accelerate - Arrow UP
Brake - Arrow DOWN
Fuel saving ON/OFF - G
Starter - S
Gears - 1,2,3,4,5,6,N

How to run?
1. Check fuel lever, if it not much add fuel with F (HOLD).
2. Turn on Ignition with I.
3. Hit a stater with S, hold it 2 seconds.
4. Your engine should run now so you need to turn on first gear with 1. Then 2,3 and etc.

!How the fuel saving works and effects your engine!

The fuel saving mode is makes your flywheel spins fast enough to keep engine running. It saves the fuel but don't give all power. If you running on a hill you better turn it off.

!!Your engine flywheel CAN'T spin in wrong direction so feel safe, and be sure that engine newer starts runs in a wrong direction.!!

Good luck, please as always comment and rate my work.
Last edited at 2014/03/04 23:48:21 by vaidas369
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Whoa are you still alive?
Yeah, i don't really have much time for algodoo now, so i have a brake...:D
It doesn't work on my Algodoo.:( I think its because i have 2.0.1, and when i downloaded it that was the latest version, but now everyone has 2.1.0. So I can't play most of the 2.1.0 scenes that have scripts.:(:(:(
sorry man, its really fun scene, but its sad that you can't run it.
bugsbunny, why don't you download and install 2.1? Go to and press download tab, and there you can get it.
P.S: 10/10
Last edited at 2014/03/05 11:48:43 by The Linkage
Oh and it works on 2.0.2b15! Yeah!
Most of your scenes don't work in b15, that's why i did rate 10 without peeking.
We need a "11/10" button