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Micro World

screenshot of the scene

Author: chemist

Group: Russian

Filesize: 5.17 MB

Date added: 2014-01-30

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 4391

Views: 695

Comments: 12

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

My big project is complete. Behold the world of bacteria.
Restart scene several times, every time result is different. You can influence this world if you want.
May lags on weak computers, when cells is too much.
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Excellent! :tup:

Just one suggestion: Explain what the different color microbes represent so that we have some clue as to what we are looking at. Thanks!
I think Bio-chemist would be a more suitable name!
Xray, but I want to put the player in the shoes researcher. Okay, here the description: green - photosynthetic or easier plant, producents; yellow - herbivorous, eat greens, consuments of first order; red - predators, eat yellows and grays, consuments of second order; gray - reducents, eat corpses of dead microbes.
Benjii, I work not only in this direction.
COOL! :tup:

BTW - You must have a lot of programming experience. Your script shows it. :)
Last edited at 2014/01/31 06:06:44 by Xray
Yes, I use algodoo three years, I learned scripts in scenes made by Kilinich and others good users, before algodoo I programmed on flash. :)
Last edited at 2014/01/31 06:33:55 by chemist
I learned a lot from kilinich too. He is a very talented software engineer.
LOL all bacteria died only Bacillus moving
This is great THANK YOU for all the hard work it took to produce this_o_ _o_
It is fun to watch and you are right you don't get the same results every time
you run the experiment :tup: :tup: :tup:
This work was not hard for me, it was interesting.
Last edited at 2014/02/02 13:47:29 by chemist
Wow really good! I have learned scripts from kilinich too but just watching it on the scenes and the scripts that I don't actually understand are the scripts form he's mouse over polygon scene, the laser that hits a polygon and changes it's surfaces an the deformable polygon scene. As you can seeall are polygoms! :lol: .
I already understand the laser that hits polygon, оthers not yet.
OMG way better than mine!