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screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 261.88 kB

Date added: 2013-12-15

Rating: 7.4

Downloads: 4476

Views: 534

Comments: 10

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


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My attempt at an offroad jeep! Quite fast for being offroad
With the newest and most useless technology, the QuadraLift! (changes suspension height) I was actually thinking of integrating a modded K-wing to simulate aerodynamics but it was just overcomplicated (I couldn't make it work:bonk: )

It's more a dakar truck than a jeep, but who cares:lol:

This jeep features:
RTAWD with semi-mechanical sensor system (the three circles upon the engine and ECU)
Quadra-Lift (maybe I get some k-wings later!)
Realistic wheel blur!
Automatic engine-dependant (works with engine RPM) 6-gearbox with 6 reverse gears
V6 Thruster Engine with plenty of strenght and realistic idle revving, started automatically
Automatic legacyMode changer for the wheels and gearbox, to prevent everything from exploding
Speed limiter (150 km/H)
Turbo mode with cooling time
A nice dashboard!
Normal-sized track

The controls are:

W to accelerate
SHIFT to hit the gas
E for turbo mode (use carefully, it lasts more or less ten secs)
S to brake
Q to cycle through quadra-lift presets
RETURN to toggle the rollers' brake
R to toggle reverse mode

Tell me what should I add, and what do you want me to make next! I'm running out of ideas again...

P.S forget about softwheels, they're too resource-heavy.
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the brakes and speedometer breaks and dont want to work again at the begining
idk, they don't break for me... what happens exactly?
Nice scene Linkage! i really like the blurring effect at the wheels of the SUV.:tup: 10/10
Thanks faytree! I had to redo the texture over and over again because i didn't like it XD
Nice one:tup:
sometimes the brakes dont stop it at all and the speedometer stuck at 12km/h.
did you redownload the scene? I've tested it in 2.1b8 and it worked all fine.
Another nice vehicle 10/10:tup:
i thought that you gone forever Linkage
i'm running out of ideas but I will stay here:lol: