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screenshot of the scene

Author: lethalsquirrel

Group: Default

Filesize: 42.8 kB

Date added: 2013-11-30

Rating: 6.7

Downloads: 4370

Views: 396

Comments: 5

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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My attempt at a minigun. I actually started making this before yarus12 uploaded his Gatling gun, and all I really copied from his was the shell ejection system. I guess we both had kind of the same idea at the same exact time. purely coincidence xD

His version is superior to mine in almost every way.
The actual chain of bullets, more realistic looking, the chain links ejecting, and most importantly he used 60 Hz

I know that going above default frequency is really frowned upon, and almost viewed as a "crutch" but I just like making things that work without having to worry about wonky ass physics due to low frequency. :bonk:

well anyways hope you like it!
Last edited at 2013/12/01 06:11:53 by lethalsquirrel
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Nice design, just the right number of parts to do the job.

I didn't realize that higher frequencies were frowned upon, I use them all the time. The only downside I see is that it may slow some scenes down. I always thought that raising the frequency increased the accuracy of the scene because the calculations are using smaller time steps. I'm suspicious of scenes that work OK at low frequencies, but jam or fall apart at higher frequencies. I suspect that those scenes may be relying on Algodoo approximation errors at low frequencies in order to work.
Last edited at 2013/11/30 11:14:31 by s_noonan
Works very well, nice velocity too:tup: :tup:
Very simple and works great!
I don't know if it's me but I think yours is like twice faster. Same sim times in yuras12's and yours
Loved it!
Really good, but is the right key not up key!