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3 Rotor Throttleable Wankle

screenshot of the scene

Author: Gent

Group: Default

Filesize: 66.47 kB

Date added: 2013-11-02

Rating: 6

Downloads: 1036

Views: 326

Comments: 15

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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Hi all, well here it is, the long awaited 3 rotor :lol:
Its nothing special other than the throttle:lol:
Did not get 100 rads YET but thought I would share this
as a work in progress.
It needs a total rebuild with fewer teeth in the gears.
I have realy fought with this getting stuck to the damn background
when making changes so that's why it's just sitting there:lol:
Enjoy, improve and comment!
Controls in scene.
PS it doesn't make much power but it is realistic size;)
Last edited at 2013/11/02 22:16:58 by Gent
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Crap is throttleable even a real word:bonk:
Yes. According to the Collins English Dictionary: "Definitions. adjective. (of an engine) capable of being throttled or being controlled by a throttle."

By the way.... Nice job on the engine! :tup:
Last edited at 2013/11/02 22:42:43 by Xray
Thanks Xray;)
Great work!!!! Love Wankles! I have had probs with stuff sticking to the background and everytime I have seen it it was parts that had been glued together. Even if I used Loosen they would stil stick together later on in the scene building process...... irritating!!!!
Last edited at 2013/11/02 23:46:08 by wild bill
Thanks Bill, glue together is nice but it can BITE you hard!!!
I spent at least as much time backing up and getting this unstuck
as I did building it in the first place:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
I wish you could select the background and Loosten IT:y
Yessss! I've been waiting to see this.
It's really well done too!
At first I was really confused why the balls were so damn tiny,
but quickly realized I had to just increase the throttle :lol:
I love how it's just sitting on the ground and not glued to the background
gives you a real nice idea of how smooth this thing actually runs :tup:
Thanks lethalsquirl, I know you had said you were waiting on this :lol:
Sorry but it just took this long to get it to the point I could stand to release it:bonk:
I tried other methods of throttleing the thing that didn't work well and finaly figured this out today but I suck at scripting so that took several more hours to sort out:blush:
Once I got the damn thing unstuck I left it that way :lol:
I was messing with the scripts (like I do with all) and I made it so the balls had infinite size, then I made it bigger until the motor glitched and the rotors flew off. Only 3 gray circles were left, and I was getting about 146 Rads. I always end up with crazy results...
Well done! I like it
BTW you said it would reach 100 rad/s! forget it:lol:
Well I did say I wasn't there yet :lol:
Thanks for the comment Linkage!!!
I don't think we can get any real speed out of a wankle
but it has been fun to play with;)
In a Wankel engine, there would be more than one explosion per rotation, in this case it is on the bottom when you see that it "Compresses"
Wrong, 1 explosion per rev of the eccentric per rotor :cool:
In this example the compression would be on the top;)
The bottom would be the exhaust
Last edited at 2013/11/04 16:48:13 by Gent
Oh, nevermind, I was thinking of the wrong thing, what I meant to say was that Wankel engines are 2-Stroke.
Nicely done. I like the throttle function.
Last edited at 2013/11/12 22:16:50 by s_noonan
Thanks Steve sorry I missed your comment I need to get back to work on it:bonk:
I think a 100 rads wankle is possible;)