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ZAZ Rallycross 4 KM

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 168.8 kB

Date added: 2013-09-03

Rating: 6.6

Downloads: 6761

Views: 911

Comments: 12

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Hi, this is my new ZAZ with I4 Engine.
You can boost engine if you want, but its enough for Rallycross.
All Script i take from "The Linkage".
All other stuff is mine, you can use if you want...
Anyway Controls:

X - Engine Brake (toggle)
S - Engine Starter (Hold 2-3s.)
Arrow UP - Accelerator
Arrow DOWN - Brake
Gear UP - A
Gear Down - Z (5 Gears: 1;2;3;4;5;N)

I did ZAZ little crachcable. For more fun.
ZAZ max speed is 170 KM/H, Wheels cant spin faster, Algodoo max on 100 Hz.

Have Great Day!
Don't be lazzy and tell in comments what do you think. :yum:
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Very nicely done! Good job! :tup:
Very good scene!
The tachometer isn't showing RPM's, but RAD/s. Multiply with 9.54 aprox. to make the tachometer display the RPM's.
I think everything is fine with mine RPM skale.
The Linkage - do you know any way to reach more speed, wit not change Hz?
I want make Lamborghini and car go more that 170... I want to make it go 370 KM/h. My engine can do that but wheels can't spin faster.
make the legacy mode 0
Its all ready 0.
nice one make sure the wheels are hinged to a high density part?
How to do that?:D
No way you can make it faster without raising frequency. The only thing you can do here is scaling weirdly the whole car or the wheels (monster truck:tup: )
BTW that's two v8 engines together (not to confuse with W16)
Last edited at 2013/09/07 18:15:01 by The Linkage
How about my old scene Super truck, it runs on 100Hz but wheels can spin more that 300 rads/s. I think this is script. Don't know how but someone did it.
hi very nice car I like your scripted engine and everything, the gearbox is awesome too but i have a question, can I use your track and put some of my new cars and bikes and so on also with spring engine I will give all credits:)
the script math.toint that is used in the speedometer is something that ive been looking for a while. can someone maybe explain to me or show me where i can find scripts like that. im trying to make an easy "mpg" meter for my engines and its exactly what i need. thanks for reading