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I4 2stroke EconoEngine v5 - Functional

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 65.03 kB

Date added: 2013-06-01

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 2165

Views: 487

Comments: 22

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


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Just a first impression of what the econoEngine will look like in the car. I've just added three cylinders more, adjusted the timing, totally refixed it because of the ****ing glue together bug even if I didn't use glue together, and not much more for now!:)
Remember: accelerate with UP, it starts automatically.

v2: Mah god, it's a lot better now! I've moved the timing a little and the engine goes at 20 rad/s more, and much stronger!
v3: I've changed the springs that moved the "ignition plugs" up with stiff axles, and now it doesn't blow up!
3.1: Fixed the accelerating system, added a little box for fuel zDepth
v4: At least, it has reached 100 rad/s! Thanks Gent!
The camshafts aren't colliding but two boxes and a little visible circle, they're there just for looks.
I've changed the accelerating script so that it works with a var, and now it accelerates! (it didn't even do before but it should)
Staggered 2nd and 4th cylinder so that the engine has more power and stability, and changed the cams timing so that it reaches AWESOME 100 RAD/S! (it didn't even get to 70 rad/s before)
v5: Now you can move it! And the balls will stay in the cylinders!
Last edited at 2013/06/22 20:55:40 by The Linkage
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its more powerful in reverse due to ignition timing(~20hp vs~14hp) just saying;)
Well then it's better:D
My KERS is almost done. It works really well, although it needs more tuning.
I'll try to change the timing of the engine to see if it stays stable or not...
Awesome great job:tup:
I see you like the gun tech;)
Im looking forward to the finished car Link!:D
Gent: I always use it. It gives a lot more performance!
Christer, Some day. Don't expect it by tomorrow, it's gonna be epic!
I'll test it in 2.1 with my awesome 6 fps. lol
I will have patience! Oh that sucks with the framrate! is it only that bad in 2.1?
I Think you forgot about the throttle in v3 of the Engine btw;)
No, it's worse. I've installed it -again- and I can't run it at more than 3 fps. My motherboard is too old, and the best graphics card it can use is the FX5500 that hasn't got any shader clock. Anyways 2.0.2b15 works fine for me with antialiasing, so I don't know why Algodoo has changed so much.
Realy great work:tup: _o_
A couple suggestions:
#1 numbered left to right rotate # 2 and #4 cranks 90 degrees clockwise
along with the cams this will give 4 discreet power pulses per rev
I have tried to do this and keep getting something in the cam gear stuck to the background :bonk:
A 4 stroke requires the configuration you have but a 2 stroke doesnt;)
#2 get rid of the polygon cam lobes LAG city use 2 circles and 2 boxes
actualy polygons are bad idea for anything that collides at speed save those for the artwork
PS I'll be damnd if I can figure out how some of this works but I'm tryin :lol:
Almost forgot, move the collision f "guns" up quite a bit
good luck with that :lol: :lol: :lol:
Last edited at 2013/06/06 03:21:25 by Gent
Awesomeness:tup: :tup:
still room for improvement
but much better GREAT JOB
PS glad to help, you have a great concept going on here ;)
PSS that's exactly what I was trying to do :lol:
Last edited at 2013/06/07 00:12:18 by Gent
It's not the concept so much, but the car it will be in.:D
huh, the spawned balls are getting off the block when the car goes at more than 6 m/s. The balls have airFrictionMult 0 and vel:=entity.vel . does anyone know why?
I think that's because you are accelerating, entity.vel is less than
the current continuously increasing velocity:bonk:
That and sim.frequency, @ 100hz the vehicle can move quite a bit in one time slice:bonk:
I'm not good at that type of scripting and that's pretty much why I gave up on spawn engines:'(
Look at the spawn scripts on my turbine, that may help:s
Those scripts are Christers!
In that application it actualy helped but not in a piston engine :s
PS I think this is the fastest non spring piston engine in algobox, Congratulations _o_
Last edited at 2013/06/08 01:17:55 by Gent
e.geom.entity.vel? DA FACQ?
Sorry but I don't know:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
man, kill me! too hard:bonk:
I'm sure there is a solution don't give up ;)
I'll get another thing done and then I'll work on the "vehicle with CVT and KERS"!
Awesome_o_ ;)
What am I missing that causes the fuel to feed??????:bonk:
materialVelocity in the down wall of the pipe
I still don't find it I must be stupid :bonk: :bonk:
Finaly figured it out :bonk: :tup:
Last edited at 2013/06/30 16:04:00 by Gent
Made a dynamometer test of the engine