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C-Gear Diff.

screenshot of the scene

Author: kilebantick

Group: Default

Filesize: 68.57 kB

Date added: 2013-04-12

Rating: 5.7

Downloads: 837

Views: 348

Comments: 7

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1 Edu


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This is a differential I made, with the help of RaRaMalum for teaching me how they work in 2D.

Use the drag tool to stop either wheel and the other'll speed up. It allows wheels to be spinning at different speeds whilst maintaining a constant amount of power throughout both wheels.
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I have a couple of c-gear diffs on my 4x4 vehicles. I noticed that in their development they had the same problem yours has where when the wheels are at different rotational speeds there is a pulsing cycle in the rotation of the wheels (try holding one wheel stationary with your mouse). I found that this is caused because the c-teeth are spaced 1 c-tooth apart on a curve, so their actual edges are closer than 1 c-tooth, and the pulsing is caused by the ctooth on the planet gear hitting and then pushing past the sun gears. to remedy this, I used smaller planet geaars on the outside of much smaller sun gears on the inside
Nicely Done. :tup: :tup:
Already did that.
However, nice, get your rating.
Nait, no offense intended mate, but I really do wish you'd stop commenting on mine and others scenes stating "already done" or "been done before".

I'm sure a lot of things have been done before buddy (namely a lot of your stuff also).
We make things because we enjoy it, not to compete with others to see who can make it first.

Maybe just something to think about:).

Thanks Jon and S_noonan.:)
kilebantick, i've said that your scene is good too and send him rating, where is offense? -__-
Also, that's the first time i sayed "already done".
Last edited at 2013/04/13 12:27:59 by Nait
I wasn't trying to be rude, sorry Nait.
You've said it on a bunch of other scenes:P
Nait: you're full of shit:
Nait 2010/10/18 01:22:39
Look at my First Cannon
And Cannon Game
Nait 2009/11/29 21:59:16
Nait 2009/12/06 21:40:31
But I've made old cannon with gunpowder
Nait 2010/11/07 01:47:10
If you have algo look at this...
Last edited at 2010/11/07 01:48:02 by Nait

and lastly:
Nait 2013/04/18 03:36:02
Hi Linkage, check this out
since I already have your list of comments, I thought I'd share a couple others that seem to be representative of your personality

this is you being a dick because he (wapperott) didn't agree with your opinion of you/your scenes
Nait 2010/10/20 22:50:23
I don't think it is very hard to do such (****(notice, I'm still polite)).
"this took me 30 minutes to make it was very hard" in 30 minutes I make scenes like mine "Cannon Game", and it is your problem that you can't make normal scenes... and this is not a reason to "rate 10/10 and subscribe".
"its 3d i thought it was cool" - your delusion, not mine.

I'm not stupid and not a jerk. At first make normal scene, and then squawk.

What a poor boy, I'm not overrating his foolish scenes! And what an unpleasant me!

However I won't use you methods, little boy, but I warn you, if you will continue underrate my scenes, I'll report to moderators, and I'm sure that I'm right.

Nevertheless, If you ask, I can help you with something and try to explain you how to make good scenes.

With best wishes, Nathaniel.
and this is you being a jerk to a newbie
Nait 2011/08/03 11:47:43
Hey, dude!
I understand, you are exited by your scenes, but I gonna upset you, they are useless little less then full. And there are thousandths of people like you.
However, If you need help, or want to make something, you can ask me (on forum), I wont object helping a new user
his response:
joejoe587 2011/08/03 13:09:40
Nait that was kinda harsh but yes i am new. I am just learning how to build stuff and made this out of boredom. this best thing ive made would be my swat crawler. i could really use some help learning about this stuff.
and yours
Nait 2011/08/03 22:54:46
Khm. Still don't see much progress in scene making. Don't feel hurt, please, but Algobox was conceived as scene-hosting for good, worthy scenes, not for "made of love and boredom"...
If you continue acting such way you won't ever get respect, comments and high rating...

As you see I'm not the worst creator, and I can tell you, that I've made those good scenes for some weeks, and really epic projects are made by months...
But, you see, now there are less and less worth scenes in algobox... I'm really tired of this fact, but can't do anything... Some users tried to "reform new's point of wiew" and this doesn't end good.

And I got an idea not to "troll" newbie( ) as other do, but teach him to make good scenes. Dunno luckily or not, the lot fell to you Destiny or something like that

Surely, don't need to "just quit", if you want to start epic or just worth scene project, you can turn to me, the only thing is - talking though comments isn't comfortable, it's better to use forum, Icq, qip or something like that... My forumname is also Nait, so, good luck to you
Last edited at 2011/08/03 22:55:14 by Nait