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VW Beetle engine V2.001

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 99.92 kB

Date added: 2012-12-21

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 2272

Views: 469

Comments: 9

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


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A B4 engine. Realistic in almost everything, except that it has only the front cylinder valves, that it shows only the power stroke (it's a 4 stroke), and the accelerator retrasses the stroke, when in a real engine it would inject less fuel.
Made for looks. I will never get strenght and looks as Gent does.:)
The stroke is represented with red for the upper, visible cylinders, and blue for the further cylinders.

The only controls are up/down to accelerate or deaccelerate. There's an automatic mechanism that starts the engine, and then deletes itself. Sometimes fails, like the valves, so if that happens, just undo sim start and play again.
The accelerator is mechanic.

Absolutely No Variables.

V2: I fixed two parts of the accelerator and it goes 10 rad/s faster. How the hell I did it?
Well, gent, fixed the valves, the pistons but not the cams. I've tested the circle-and-box design, and it doesn't work as smooth as this one. Test it yourself with this engine if you want, because a cam that is not round spinning at 20 rad/s makes shit the valves.

.001: Forgot the valve heads. Done, now it runs MUCH faster!
Last edited at 2012/12/22 20:03:18 by The Linkage
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Dont brag on me like that I will get a swelled head :lol: I'm still learning here too
A few words of advice if I may:
#1 DON'T use polygons for anything that collides, for example make the valve heads collide with nothing and make an invisible box that collides with the bottom of the valve guides instead, polygon collisions drasticaly slow down Algodoo!
#2 While your cam profile drawing looks cool and would be correct for many applications, most flat tappet engine cam shafts have fairly flat sides especialy in slower speed engines, THAT and its a POLYGON, violates tip#1 :lol:
#3 Nice looking and functioning cams can be made with 2 circles and 2 boxes and avoid the dreaded polygon collision thing:bonk: I have even left my cams as obviousy seperate looking parts on some of my stuff:cool:
Keep up the good work! I only gave you a 9 on this one because I know you will do better ;)
I have learned a LOT from you_o_ hope this helps!
Last edited at 2012/12/22 01:34:34 by Gent
Yes, all is on the polygons. The cams collision doesn't change as much, I tested it and it's the same. I dropped on that design just because it was the same at collision terms.
And the valves, those crappy valves were rectangles first, but then I cutted them to make them close completely.
I'll change all that tomorrow. Thanks, Gent. And you're right, we all learn from each other here (especially from Kilinich :D ).
NO SHIT:) but I understand about 1/10 of his stuff:bonk:
Last edited at 2012/12/22 02:52:19 by Gent
I should add that just about the time you realy get it perfected
they will "Upgrade" algodoo again........
You have been warned!!
None of my older stuff works:cry:
Yes, the little circles on the timing of your engines started to fail in the (lol emil!). They were awesome, for example Lara Croft's motorcycle.
Also I was looking at the 2.0.2 topic at the forums and found this:
" * IMP: Improved collision detection between polygons with circular outer shell vs polygons and circles. A circle and a circular polygon should now behave equally in all situations. "
So the cams work equally? (I'll need a lawyer to make you accept the cams)
Oh, the memory leak. The whole scene has erased, and when I press play, the screen turns white (all the pixels) and then it runs out of memory (I have 2 GB), then the writing error, and Algodoo closes. EMIL, DO SOMETHING!
Yea they all about making the GUI look cool while totaly ignoring making the actual physics work right, in the real world hinges dont stretch. REALY pisses me off!!
There are aplications where hinge stretch is usefull but it should be an option :bonk:
This is suposed to be educational software???????????????????
In the real world hinges or axles DO NOT STRETCH
I have been bitching about this for 2 years:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
maybe they will listen to you?
No. Maybe they'll listen algobot... lol.
When hinges didn't stretch, i made a stupid automatic spring stretcher. It worked hell bad, it was to connect a piston and crankshaft to make kind of a thruster nonscripted thingy. Didn't work as expected, so now it may be in the dark corners of my hard disk :lol: !
This software isn't perfect for education. The air friction is not a mysterious force that brakes objects, nor the thrusters exist in real world. And objects haven't got infinite strenght and no elasticity. But the strangest things are the hinges, you can stretch them, and give them a motor that works with no fuel? Yes, the gui was the big change between .8.5 and .9, but it wasn't so important. I use the same toolbars layout as the 1.8.5! It's more comfortable for me.
Anyways, guys, you should work more on the physics. Like the collisions for example, now that you have the gui perfected for selling:lol: .
P.S: we need a :trollface: as well as an algobox5000.
Realy working great now good job :tup: :tup: