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Tachometer / speedometer

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 37.38 kB

Date added: 2012-11-22

Rating: 6.6

Downloads: 1614

Views: 744

Comments: 12

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


Scene tag

Simple as it should be.
No scripts.

It reads rotation directly from target geom and build with only two hinges (link and arrow).
Last edited at 2013/02/12 22:31:27 by Kilinich
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Tachometer no script Kilinich 5 (1 vote) 1137 4 2012/02/28 12:08:02
show grid
very good it works right

and Kilinich, i admire you, you and Paradigm 29 are the best in this:)

how do you have learn all this? :o

PS: Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Argentina
Just playing algodoo/phun, it's my hobby /-)
Nicely done. Although this is simple and direct, it took me a while to figure out how to make one myself.:tup: :tup:
How do you have v2.0.2?!
kilinich i've become inactive for a long time, i haven't ideas and anithing comes to my head, can you give me one?:s

Head transplants are rare, and I doubt Kilinich will give you his.
Algodoo became convenient although the spring was used before.
It is good. :lol:
s_noonan - :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kilinich - Nice job as usual!
Kilinich - I erased your motor-driven circle and put my own in its place so that I can try to make the tachometer read my own hinge. I do not understand your instructions in the scene. Please explain HOW to #1: link hinge with autobend, and #2: arrow hinge with bend to zero position.

Well I cant figure it out either but thats no surprize
YOU are a genious _o_ _o_ _o_
This is one way to hook up to Kilinich's tach:

1. Save tach in components folder.
2. Start a new scene.
3. Drag tach from components folder into scene.
4. Delete big "Two-hinge..." text box.
5. Drag lower half circle cover off the tach.
6. Create a circle.
7. Add a center axle.
8. Move circle and axle over the center of the tach.
9. Select only the circle and drag it to the left. The axle should "stretch".
10. Add a center axle to the circle.
11. Move the half circle cover back onto the tach.
12. Select stretched axle. Right click.
13. Script menu > autoBend = true, bendConstant = 1, hingeConstant = 1e-007.
14. Select left axle (select circle and axle then: selection > select > select axles). Options - axle: Motor = check,Motor Speed = 350 RPM, Motor torque = +inf.
And he is from Russia and he and one of the city))))))