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IRIS Engine

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Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 53.36 kB

Date added: 2012-10-23

Rating: 6.4

Downloads: 1483

Views: 548

Comments: 6

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu


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This engine is not used yet. It's being implemented by the NASA.
It gets to 50 rad/s, but without the big flywheel, it goes to 65, and reaching to 100 rad/s in some cases!
Just see. It starts itself, and it's not acceleratable yet.
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Title: The Linkages IRIS Engine Tuned
Rating: 5.5
Filesize: 80.89 kB
Downloads: 1267
Comments: 8
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Date added: 2012/10/23 22:32:45
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Rating: rated 5.5
Damnit, I was working on one of these. Beat me to it. :P
Very cool! I think you should use bending on the hinges instead so that the "iris arms" dont move out of position after a while=) And one of the crank linkages have collision a ticked and collides with one of the "iris arms".

just some feedback, keep up the good work! 10/10:D
Nice work:tup: :tup:
another one of those concepts that cant realy work in the real world

PS the high speed comes from the effectivly short crank stroke
not good for tourque:bonk:
Last edited at 2012/10/24 00:20:19 by Gent
Christer, the engine name isnt for the way it works, its just by a novel mechanism called Internally Radiating Impulse Structure.

Gent: It can be done in real world, even the designer of it has won like $95.000!
I'm not saying it cant be done, just way too many parts, sealing and lubrication issues all for an effectivly 1 cylinder engine............
It hasn't got too many parts, just search for IRIS engine on Google Images and there's a drawing from National Geographic that shows how it's done. It has got a few parts!
Anyways, you're reasoned. I really don't know how it does to use the stroke, because the flywheel gives a very little turn and the rods get opened.