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iPhone 5 Smashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: Lucas

Group: Default

Filesize: 310.13 kB

Date added: 2012-09-29

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 39377

Views: 2027

Comments: 27

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun

iphone 4,
iphone 4s,

Scene tag

Here is the all new Apple iPhone 5.
It is released in real-life, so i made decided to make it for Algodoo. It has all internal parts and it breaks realistically. You can use a wrench to smash it, or you can crush it in a rusty shred. This iPhone has a lot of things that my old smashable doesn't have.

Rate please. :lol:
Last edited at 2012/09/29 15:12:18 by Lucas
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Yeah !! that was awesome and i think ur volvo is going to reach 9 at rating!
Purely Epic. 'Nuff said.
Very great ! If steve jobs saw this scene, he must be very proud of you 10/10:tup:
Hehehe look at my iPhone 4 and my blackberry, i put PCB in it.

Try to make one with innards!:)
Last edited at 2012/09/30 06:04:32 by egkteam
Are you blind? :|
You replying to who?
he was talking to egkteam not you faytree. :) Alos, I rated 10/10 lucas.:coolgrin:
я понял что айфон не надежная вещь
I was annoyed at egkteam. Because he gets inspired/copy's my smashable stuff, and then he tells me what to do.
(I was first to put a hammer or a sledgehammer next to a breakable/smashable electronics at the Algobox.)
I posted my first smashable thing in 2012/02/21 and egkteam posted hes in 2012/08/14.
Sergeyw, get a new keyboard.
Lucas chill... He was only giving suggestions, so that you can make your scenes better in the future.

Anyway on topic, nice job.
Sure, i was making a big deal of it. But i was telling the truth.
Rate? :(
Sergeyw is a russian.Algobox has a language limit or bug so that's why the typing is look like an alien language word
Ohh so that's why when I used google translate I translated it from russian to english and it still come up as a kinda alien language (exactly the same text but with spaces inbetween) :lol:
So lucas, how is your unfinished multipla? Is it done yet?
What is "он не на"

Lucas: Sorry, I'l stop making brakable stuffs then...<_<

See? I still rate 10 because I like it. Happy now?
Last edited at 2012/10/05 05:31:40 by egkteam
Calm down, i was joking and over-reacting. ;)
If the multipla project is canceled, well nevermind lucas;)
:blush: :blush:
I'm shy now...
:blush: :blush:
Lucas i already fix the problem! I told egkteam to edit the description and write inspired by lucas at egkteam's IPhone 5 scene .And i gonna subscribe because i like your scene:)
Yes, the Multipla is a little to advanced for the computer i made it on, i should get a new PC.
So the Multipla project is canceled well okay.And no need to buy a new PC lucas.
Make a spring engine car NOW<_<:mad::grr:
Stop trolling him