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Need Help with my Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz. 186

screenshot of the scene

Author: Nub Nub

Group: Default

Filesize: 3.37 MB

Date added: 2012-09-26

Rating: 5

Downloads: 453

Views: 524

Comments: 4

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1 Edu


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I need help with my Jagdtiger, can someone made the red wheels and the chain for me everytime when I do it it looks terribble bad.

And can someone made it less laggy without loose the Details

It will be great if someone can do it
Last edited at 2012/09/26 20:37:27 by Nub Nub
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Responses to this scene
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so many small details... oh my god
Thats the Problem, when you delete the small details it become less realistic but when I add a Chain, V12 Spawn Engine, Gearbox, Scripts, Mechanics and Supsension it will be around 2000 Parts and more, and I also want to add a realistic scenery with moving Enemys .... So I had a little Problem :s
Last edited at 2012/09/26 20:41:16 by Nub Nub
Hi, I'm pretty sure theres a tutorial on youtube on using "catapiller" treads somewhere. If not i'll put up a tutorial on them sometime tomorrow if I have time.

Also, you probably already know this but use boxes and circles for anything that collides. Not polygons:) Use polygons for the exterior [Might want to go through some of the smaller objects and make them into one big polygon, to reduce lag]

Hope this helps, moving enemys may be difficult, you could use some scripting to trigger the movements etc.
Last edited at 2012/09/26 20:53:51 by MrGlinzz
Can you make the Tutorial please?