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Bolt Action Rifle R 00

screenshot of the scene

Author: Dj_Lores

Group: Default

Filesize: 58.1 kB

Date added: 2012-07-31

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1985

Views: 657

Comments: 1

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun

bolt action rif,
bolt action

Scene tag

This is my first full fonctioning bolt action rifle.:)

to shoot just pull the trigger or press ENTER

then open the bolt , pull it back and forward again.( be carefull with the bolt so it does not jam)|( an don't pull it back to quickly;) )

the magazin holds 4 cartidges when its emty u have to put the new cartidges in 1 by 1 from the top or u select them all together an put them in from top together:)

you are free to make some changes on it and upload those as an upgrade of this one

i'll try to upload an other version of this with a simplyfied bolt as soon as possible ;)

have fun:) and pls rate and comment :)
Last edited at 2012/08/09 17:02:44 by Dj_Lores
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Hope you read this comment, Algodoo's collisions are hideous at low densities (<10) so that's why everyone uses unrealistic densities, frictions and restitutions. One way to get away with default densities is by cranking the frequency a crapton, but remember that CPUs with no hyperthreading (especially AMD) work horribly bad on Algodoo so what you'd be doing is bogging down the sim speed for us poor people. So density helps a lot (always above 50), size helps even more (big guns, like 10 meter long, have nicer collisions, but tend to behave like in slomo, so you should avoid that), and frequency is something you should only increase if really needed, cause it gives the most lag. Avoid polygons whenever you can, those have worse collisions than simple shapes like boxes or circles.

i haven't seen your scene cause i don't have a computer close, but I'll see it later maybe this week and tell you some tips to make it better. Scripting would help you some but you can make perfect guns without it. good luck