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Subaru Justy Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: MrLucasManSwe

Group: Default

Filesize: 152.7 kB

Date added: 2012-05-07

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 47920

Views: 2185

Comments: 27

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This car works for both Algodoo and Phun.

It is an 1988 Subaru Justy RS.

What it has:

Crashes that looks realistic.
Good suspension.
All plastic details.
Realistic size.
You can drive in 4WD by holding Up arrow.
The truck can be opened.

Rate and Comment please! :)
Last edited at 2012/05/15 09:45:19 by MrLucasManSwe
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nice like it a lot :tup: :lol:
Next, I'll do an Limo.
ok cool :tup: :lol: :lol: :tup:
Why doesn't it have more ratings... :'(
Very nice! 10/10
can you make a cadillac one? obama's limo
Fun to crash :tup:
Nice crashable model and good track :tup: Has this car viscous coupling or 4x4? :blush:
I'm doing an Volvo Limo. Obama's limo is to armored! :lol:

It drives in 4X4 when you hold up arrow.
since when did volvo make limos?
Very nice, the suspension is more realistic.

@Altse: Volvo makes just about EVERY kind of car, Like Volkswagen.
The suspension is a mix between new and old. Rate please! :)

Since 1976.
minus minivan
I have made your Subaru into a working convertible:)
Why? I still don't want you to use my content. You have already stolen my ragdoll, Honda and rims without asking.
hello, i have a youtube chanel and i wanted to know if i could use some of your cars in my videos. thank you:D
I haven't uploaded the Subaru or shared it with my friends. When a person uses someone elses content but it is used for private purposes, then the content's original owner has no right to infringe on others rights. This is true in the US. Maybe not in Sweden. But Swedish laws/beliefs don't apply to the US
Last edited at 2012/05/12 05:15:50 by altse99
Sure! Just say that i made them in the description. :)

The US/Swedish laws does not count at the Algobox. The Algobox has it's own rules, just like other websites. And yes, in Sweden we can't steal, it is an good country with good laws. Of course you can modify the TTS, i just don't want anyone to re-upload it. You can make an YouTube video tho. :lol:
I wouldn't bother making a youtube video because nobody looks at my channel:( :lol:

BTW, here is the channel
Nobody really liked this as much as the Audi TTS. I guess it's to old and boxy. So, i'm doing an VW New Beetle. It has the same bonnet as the TTS, and many people liked that. And i guess i do some other newer cars... :)
NICEEE you made nice crash
Thank you.
Last edited at 2012/06/01 13:41:49 by MrLucasManSwe
I made a recolour. Anyone wants it?
Now it has new modifications installed to it.
Anyone can recolor one of my cars easily, i don't understand why you have to ruin everything by using my content without permission (Stealing it).
Pretty cool. but needs headlights
these are the best deformable cars by far.