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Amazing 3d Room

screenshot of the scene

Author: Benjii

Group: Default

Filesize: 69.46 kB

Date added: 2012-04-14

Rating: 6.7

Downloads: 2987

Views: 700

Comments: 17

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1


Scene tag

Arrows to walk around
Please rate and comment if you want me to make it better!!

If your using Algodoo Play then take note, anything is possible!!

Last edited at 2012/04/19 07:28:26 by Benjii
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So much for algodoo being 2d!!
1000/10!!!!! :o
That is INSANE!!
one of my fav scenes!!
10/10 and i suscribed:tup: _o_ :cool: :coolgrin: :) :lol:
i created this to show algodoo play users that anything is possible on the full version!!
This isn't even 3d... 1/10, since this obviously took 10 minutes to make.
Go ahead and make a better one then!!
WOW that is wierd
:D 3D Mode?
What do you mean?
I've seen yours and your 3d scenes and great.
You guys call this 3-D? Took me five seconds to figure out the wooden block was moving and the gray blocks weren't, and had springs attached at the corners, and even before I realized exactly what was going on, it still wasn't good. I am disappointed.
only took me a little to make anyway...
you have a chance to ge 10 out of 10. lets find out
9/10 this is not 3d its just gray blocks and has been springed onto the black block with was seethroughable and the wooden block was moving not the blocks it had to move wow this is my longest comment ever:o
iif you want 10 try doing a real 3d block and MAKE IT MOVE >:O
>:( his is GREAT and powerful like the"power puff girls" :D