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DeLorean DMC-12 Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: MrLucasManSwe

Group: Default

Filesize: 390.69 kB

Date added: 2012-03-04

Rating: 7.1

Downloads: 30893

Views: 1571

Comments: 32

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This scene works for both Algodoo and Phun.

Hi. You probably know this car from ''Back to The Future''.
It has nice suspensions and realistic crashes.
Thanks kmito for the tip.

Rate and comment please! :*)

Please do not customize this car.
Last edited at 2012/03/04 17:35:15 by MrLucasManSwe
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nice i need to add this to the favorites : DD
hey can you send me a link where did you found the blueprints cus i want to make the real car from the furute movie:)
if you do i'll make credit to you

There you go. But why giving me credit?
Last edited at 2012/03/04 17:54:22 by MrLucasManSwe
no im going to make my own car from the begining i just asking you where did you got the blueprints for the simple car. and im going to look for back to the future car bluepritns how the stuff on the car should look im going to make credit for showing me the bluepritns of the car (sorry for bad english speling)
Ok. But why not have an blueprint of an Back to the Future-DeLorean?
i look for DeLorean blueprints i cant find it:( but i have lot of Back to the Future DeLorean whats on the car like those pipes ...
Here is an normal blueprint:
nice :tup:
nice but a bit slow (13m/s = around 40mph):)
If it would be faster, it would not be able to drive in this test-track.:bonk:
And thanks altse for deleting the fixed Honda. :cool:
I think these at great, and I have a request. How about a 1969 Dodge Charger?

I love cars and you making them crashable is epic._o_
Thanks! I will do an Charger if i can. :)
My tip:Quality>quantity
My tip: I don't care. Sorry, but i don't take help for others.
Ok. I just hate people who spam algobox with shit.
Shut the fuck up. Why do you think 4 people rated 10 on this scene?
Because they liked it. Moron.
Last edited at 2012/03/06 19:44:46 by MrLucasManSwe
they're propably new players and don't look at the older, better scenes. The quality has gone down pretty much.
Bullshit. World-enter got registerd 2010. And people arent retarded. If they like other crashable cars they like this. ;)
I agree with Lucas
and you can't talk because this is so much better than loads of other
older cars and if you don't like it go ahead and make a better one
Thank you Benjii! :)
Your Welcome!!
Oh! I like it!:lol: Come to think of it, I made a "DeLorean" I also earlier.
Thanks Key! Your DeLorean and all of your cars are very nice! :)
Thanks_o_ But my Delorean is old one. lol
Okay! This DeLorean is old for me to.;)
Last edited at 2012/03/12 17:45:45 by MrLucasManSwe
i did customize it but dident save it i dont save anyones work i just throw it out the window
so please donrt get mad at me
Lol I costomised it ill rate it 10000000/10:bonk::bonk::bonk:
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