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True Dark Energy Bomb

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (James510)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 0.67 MB

Date added: 2008-10-03

Rating: 7.8

Downloads: 1255

Views: 2341

Comments: 14

Ratings: 33

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

I DID IT!!!11!! A Super Stable Dark energy bomb!!!!@!!! The Most Powerful Weapon on Phun!PLUS ITS CONTROLLABLE!

Enter- Detonate Bomb
Arrow Keys- control the bomb

it will never be unstable unless you slam it into the wall... which wont happen because of built in sensor that prevents it from colliding into walls!
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great! It would be even better if you improve its speed:D :D :D
great another score for phun in destructive powers!:lol: :lol: :lol:
Very cool:D but i wouldn't see that as a bomb or an explosive. It's more like gravitybomb, blackhole or something. But very Amazing still :)
that was awsome to... to feel the destructive force that.. that was incredible 5/5
But Wait! 2 more Weapons Coming out!!!
Light Energy Bomb (MORE EXPLOSIVE)
Fusion bomb!!
i dont know what to say really... one of best bombs in phun great job 5/5:lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D
5/5 that is one of The MOST powerful things in Phun
If that is the super stable dark energy bomb then the Light energy bomb most have the power to DESTRORY the super stable dark energy bomb, that is going to be hard for you James510
yeah . I tought walls with this bomb . efect = total destruction ... 5/5
Maybe it's so powerful because it's around 50 thousand tons?
Black Hole would fit better. -_- I like when it eats the half car. :D
Holy fug! that is really awsum, i dont think its a bomb, i think its like a big dark generater! and its on like 30% damage but when you press enter its like 110% damage! :D
so god damn amazing. absolutely the coolest thing i've seen :D :D
It's not a bomb, really. It's more of a dark energy GENERATOR. And btw, everyone, if it was a black hole, it would have either sucked up everything within several screen lengths away... or disintegrated. It wouldn't hang around spitting dark energy out.
But, whatever it is, it's incredible! Great work, James510. Can't wait for your other 'bombs'!