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The Secret Box

screenshot of the scene

Author: TheInventor

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.52 MB

Date added: 2012-02-08

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 4121

Views: 764

Comments: 19

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1 Edu


Scene tag

Challange! First one to tell me what the secret message is, will get a 10/10 vote on any scene they choose. (pull the chain as many times as you like, if you get lucky, the message will appear.
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the chain just falls down!!!!!!!!!!!:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
I pulled for about 10 minutes, then started pulling the plugs out. Still nothing happened.
I know the answer, but cheated. You could state the probability of getting the correct message. Somehow, I can't Cite Or remEmber the right answer. If users get tired of pulling the chain they can make a chain pulling mechanism.
Last edited at 2012/02/11 12:28:40 by s_noonan
Nice graqphics and well-made scene. Probability of hitting 312 from 500 is too small form me I suppose :lol:
Very good scene! And a very good idea, I pulled the chain for a short time but then gave up after what I felt was a reasonable time. Then I looked at how the scene worked, just too hard to get the message but still great idea. (I was hoping to get a 10 rating but no 10:tup:
Last edited at 2012/02/09 15:06:08 by wild bill
I GOT IT!!!!
(after about 1 hour of my machine pulling it!)
i'm not telling so everyone else can endure the sheer
frustration that i've faced!!
but you should make it easier so it doesn't take forever to get the message!
Benjii, thank you for not giving away the message. I wanted it to be difficult because I knew that someone could just make a robot that pulled it. However, I'll give you the 10/10 rating of one of the scenes of your choosing, if you tell tell me the first letter of each word of the message. :y
Last edited at 2012/02/09 19:50:44 by TheInventor
Kilinich, I wish I new how you found my scripting. I assume you probably know the message. :unsure:
Regarding reading the script, you can unzip the .phz file using an unzip utility and then read the whole file in Wordpad or Notepad. Another way is to save the file with a .phn extension and the read (and edit) it with Wordpad or Notepad.
The secret message is ???. i win
it is c.o.e
I agree with dmaker
don't bother with the rating though
I cheated, but I figured it out. Took forever though.
Hey theinventor can you release scenes that teach script ps that is so hard to get i still havent got it
Funny thing. I went to this scene trying to find a piece of script I used to make it and just for fun I pulled the chain and got the message!!
City of Ember this secret message
still pullin'..
nope. not true. can't be.