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My improved engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: Banjerboef

Group: Default

Filesize: 50.43 kB

Date added: 2012-01-25

Rating: 5

Downloads: 667

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Comments: 3

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Made with: Algodoo v2.0.1 Edu


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I made an improved version of my spawn engine.
Now it isn't really a spawn engine anymore, because I got rid of the spawners.

Now it is a Thruster/Spring combination engine.
The thrusters provide the power and the spring keeps the piston moving (togheter with the flywheel).
All this (to me) new technology pushes the car all the way to 3.8 m/s.
I even managed (once) to get to 4.2 m/s.

It's pretty fast for a car that weighs 62 kg (most weight is in the wheels to prevent bouncing/jumping) and an engine with less than 10 horse power.

This car can climb hills of 6 degrees with a speed of 1.2 m/s, while my previous one only did 3 degrees with a speed of 0.5 m/s. So, that's a huge improvement.
A hill start on a 6 degree hill is also possible with this car, feel free to try!!!

The car is still ugly, I know, but in my eyes the functionality goes before looks.
So, don't rate down because of the looks!!!

1 = Engine stop
2 = Idle
3 = Normal speed
4 = Extra fast/turbo
5 = Clutch
6 = Slow acceleration, Low speed, Low power, High rad/s
7 = Fast acceleration, High speed, High power, Low rad/s
Left/Right = Starter
Down = Brake

Idle: 9-12 rad/s (while driving: 0 rad/s)
Normal: 64-68 rad/s (while driving: 38-43 rad/s @ 3.3 m/s)
Extra fast/turbo: 68-75 rad/s (while driving: 48-55 rad/s @ 3.8 m/s)

Please rate and comment :tup: !!!
Last edited at 2012/01/26 08:10:05 by Banjerboef
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It's getting better man, one last thing, use two circles slightly overlapping for the clutch instead of gears, gears slip & are buggy.
@Nxdt: thanks for the tip. I used gears because I thought that more power could be transmitted with gears than with circles (in the real world that would be more logic), but now I know that I have to use circles.
Last edited at 2012/01/26 08:10:50 by Banjerboef