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3D Tank Battle Pinball

screenshot of the scene

Author: wild bill

Group: Default

Filesize: 7.63 MB

Date added: 2012-01-24

Rating: 7.5

Downloads: 8976

Views: 1004

Comments: 13

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.0.2 Edu

pinball tank sm,

Scene tag

The ball is launched from a WWII tank and can be aimed up at planes or down at the battlefield, you control barrel angle and shot power but if you over shoot the playing field you loose your ball. When a plane is hit it spawns a smoke trail and crashes onto the battlefield below in an explosion.

There is a lot of detail, being 3D the ball will appear to go behind or in front of most objects, theres also a bridge the ball appears to go up and over, and archways the ball goes thru.

Controls on screen.
Please rate and tell me your best score, also any suggestions or if you find a bug, Thank You.

ETA: Updated to V 1.5 to fix bug that reset right side wall collideset when ball hit tank/flipper to keep ball on table.

ETA: Updated to V 1.6 to add minor texture change.

Last edited at 2012/11/22 22:34:03 by wild bill
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Sweet scene. 10/10. :tup:
Btw, tag each thing separately.
Looks awesome Bill but I get a blank scene in 1.8.5 :(
Guess I'll have to get the latest beta to check this out :unsure:
PS I HATE all the new versions!
If my old stuff works at all in them it LAGGS LIKE HELL
and the download link for 1.8.5 is gone I had to do a system restore to get it back
last time.
If the powers that be happen to be listening make your fancy new versions play old scenes PLEASE :mad:
Thanks Nxdt!

Gent, try closing all the tool bars when running a scene. I had a scene that was a little slow and that got it back to 100%.

And Im sure you already know but just in case make sure you have the latest driver installed for your graphics card. MY computer has a primary and secondary driver and if I dont have the correct one for each, mine runs real slow too. It has taken me a long time to figure out why v2.0 would'nt open then why it ran slow.

If you have an ATI card let me know and Ill try to find the link to the correct drivers.
Last edited at 2012/01/25 00:13:51 by wild bill
Awesome pinball game Bill but my Radial which I use for a benchmark still laggs like hell at 27% before it blows up, grumble grumble :mad:
PS I do have the latest available drivers for my ATI Radion HD 5770 card:s
Sorry to hijack your scene comments griping :lol:
No problem Gent, they have been saying that some ATI cards are a problem. If you have a primary and secondary driver like me, and you dont have the correct 2 drivers it will run way slow like mine did. And mine ran slow with only one of the two.

These are the drivers for my card but yours may be different.
The primary is ATI Radeon 9600/9550/X1050 series
Secondary is Saphire Radeon 9600 Atlantis

If you need them go to the ATI website and download the ATI Catalyst Control Center and install it. It has both drivers but you will still have to go to the driver manager and install them there. Install both in the correct primary/secondary places. The Catalyst control Center may have the drivers for your card also.

I hope you get it going. If you already have the correct driver or drivers then who knows.
Last edited at 2012/01/25 01:45:15 by wild bill
A little bit boring gameplay but overral quality is just outstanding!:tup:
Bill, Gent. ATI cards really lag in algodoo (because of bad openGL optimization I believe). geForce, even old one like 8600GT much faster in that case.
Thanks Kilinich!

Once I got the drivers sorted out the speed became acceptable, this scene runs at 100% but it seems close to the limit of my card. But you are correct, I do need to get a different card.
I hate to scrap my expensive card just because of this
everything was fine in 1.8.5:bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
My first try is scored 31400 point. Still remaining 4 balls :lol:
If you aim just right you can take out 2 planes and the tank in one
Score - 30900
score - 45400 the ball got stuck next to the hole