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Y12 Desert Eagle custom gold (READ DESCRIPTION)

screenshot of the scene

Author: DualDesertEagle

Group: Default

Filesize: 380.78 kB

Date added: 2012-01-18

Rating: 4.7

Downloads: 12592

Views: 1732

Comments: 26

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Yuras12's Desert Eagle turned into a custom version how I would like it (minus the scope, I only made it so u can make the gun even more badass if u want).

I also added some keyboard controls to make the operation of the gun a bit easier (I put a sign for those who DON'T read this next to the gun).

I'm currently painting my KWC Desert Eagle GBB in the same style.

Last edited at 2012/01/20 22:05:19 by DualDesertEagle
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I shot this gun in real life but is wasnt this color
@ Battle Field

Who cares? Not me. And I doubt u could even hold the gun still, not to talk about being able to handle its recoil. I gotta ask u to stop tellin' lies just to be cool.
I have it on video
EDIT: ur just mad because i put a bad comment on 1 of ur scenes
Last edited at 2012/01/19 23:55:49 by Battle Field
эта сцена не удобная магазин не засовыется пули вылетают когда заряжаю пистолет! :mad: :grr: :s


@ Battle Field

No, I'm mad coz u talk alot of BULLSH!T! And btw, I clearly proved that u LIED on the other scene, watch the video and u'll see that the Minigun DOES work well!

If u have no other hobbies than posting retarded SH!T u'd better LEAVE or I'll report u!
I dont lie. it doesnt work well on my pc
@ Battle Field

Then get a BETTER one
@ Battle Field

That was not a joke! Just watch the video on the minigun scene and u'll see that only 2 of 24 guns failed to shoot!

So if the scene doesn't work on ur comp it probably means u have a really bad one
Last edited at 2012/01/21 20:20:38 by DualDesertEagle
Nice gun:tup:
score 1 for having a bad attitude.:tdown:
and just for the record, if you pull the trigger before releasing the safety, and then you release the safety, the gun fires. I'm pretty sure that's a malfunction not related to a computer's processing capabilities:huh:

edit: also, the slide doesn't lock back when the last round has fired
Last edited at 2012/01/25 00:19:24 by jon_joy_1999
First off, the original gun was made by Yuras 12 as u can clearly see in the description (The "READ DESCRIPTION" in the title ain't just for show, u know?). If u tried Yuras12's original version of this u'd notice that it does the same!

Second, the slide lock works very well, if not u messed the mag up somehow. Coz even if the slide lock itself wouldn't go up the follower would stop the slide.

Third: U shall rate the damn scene and not my attitude!
Last edited at 2012/01/25 18:35:39 by DualDesertEagle
Why is it I did the same thing with his AK102, and I get yelled at. WOW. It still looks kool though, and I do think you yelled at Battle Field for nothing, he just said he shot it in real life, who cares if he really did or did not.
Last edited at 2012/01/31 19:28:14 by world-ender
@ world-ender

I DO care coz it's KIDDIES who would call themselves "Battlefield" or "Battle Field" or what the fuck ever. And kiddies can't handle a .50 cal, especially not a .50 cal PISTOL!
And I don't want any comments from kiddies that play battleCRAP all day and then say they shot a real Deagle just to be cool!
@DualDesertEagle, .50 is not as bad as it seems. It more scares the heck out of you than anything. I find that your stereotyping now, the choice of name doesn't discribe the person. I call myself World3nder on everything I use (Execpt for this) but i have no intentions of ending the world, its just a personna I picked up, finding that I found it funny. Would you like it if people stereotyped you for being German? Or for what your name is? (Or for anything that you like for that matter.?) His name does not hint how old he is, only that he possibly likes the game Battlefield, even then he could mean a REAL Battlefield. Dont sterotype. If you say he's lying, get proof. If you do I take all this back. I dont want to be enimies, but you do rage at people for the smallest of things bro.
Last edited at 2012/02/01 17:26:11 by world-ender
Why did he just say "I have it on video" instead of giving me the link to that right away? Coz he DOESN'T have a video of it!
Well then, thats his problem for lying. It was your and my choice for beliving/not beliving him. Ask him for the link, if he does't have it, or he links someone elses video, I'm sorry for doubting you.
I'd like to see someone try to put a gas system in this!
I already tried but it failed
its so hard to get the magazine in it!!
@ theHAX!!

I know. U need to do it really carefully. But u could also pause the simulation, select the whole mag and move it into place using the move tool (That little thing with the 4 arrows).
dual make a AKS-74U:blink: :bonk:
@ inker?

Not yet, I'm already workin' on a pretty hard scripted project that will take some more time to finish.

When I finally get that done I can try to make the gun.
Please stop fighting, I belive this real, This is a real gun, Good job!

Can you make a MiniGun?
Whats the link to the vid. Battle Field