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Ford Mustang '66

screenshot of the scene

Author: Roman

Group: Polish

Filesize: 0.9 MB

Date added: 2012-01-14

Rating: 7

Downloads: 5648

Views: 1090

Comments: 22

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This scene is Ford Mustang gen.1 from 1966. Car isn't good enough, I use textured shadings, this way reduce lagg.

Car has real dimensions weight. I put it 5.0 V8 engine, most powerfull. This engine is based on real pictures.

This one eats 1.8 hibrid alive!

If you see bugs and others inconvenience, just say.

Comments and ratigs required again. ^^

Last edited at 2012/01/14 19:52:50 by Roman
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this was awesome, i ut it in "slow mo" and it was awesome. i hit the big bump right before you get into the city. i jumped it and i was like :coolgrin: until i hit the fire escape, then i was like :o
why you just don't edit your prev scene
Oh, should I?
Awesome!!! 100000000000000000000000000000/10 Make a destroyable version
Cool!! :tup:
Siema, ponowię pytanie zadane przy Audi A4: Jest jeszcze PhunSite?
Nie, jest jedynie moje forum:
Ok, dzięki.
errr, hi guys, i know this have (partly) nothing to do in this upload, but i made a bunch of modified vehicules on you GTO, Impala 58, Chevy Townsman, corvette 82, volvo amazon, and the chopper you made for a contest awhile. it was to know if i could upload them please!
Roman, i saw your Opel Calibra at YouTube, can you please upload it?
Hi, Remember me? A-man55655? I havent played Phun in a long time. I never did make a new Junkyard race....but i thought id have a look at Phuns progress. Wow have times changed. Its nice to see you and Dare still building. I have been building in Garrys Mod. I stuck with cars. I liked it because it's all 3D physics and engines and entire cars must be very precice to work well. Nice to see you building,
So much durabillity!
Nice detail and this thing can handle almost and rough terrain!
Nice work!:tup:
Roman mam prośbę zrobił byś mi fiata albea prosze :'( chciałbym sie przejechać jak byś zrobił to jesteś super

dla ułatwienia dam ci zdjęcie:,r:3,s:166,i:174

PLISS moja mama jezdzi nim mam nadzieje że mnie posłuchasz i go zrobisz :(

Roman needs an full side view picture to do an car. Well, at least i do.
It looks good, but the suspension is too soft.
roman srry for asking but can i use your car in my scene?
Hi Roman, i have a little question. Can i use you're ragdoll with a feet back i mean. I was try to make many times but i just don't know how to do it.
that car is so awesome!:D:D:D u did good work on in Roman.:) im a HUGE mustang car fan.:D and i got a suggestion: maybe u can make another kind of mustang like the shelby mustang, or the mustang GT500 or something.:D:):D:)
on i got one more suggestion: maybe u can make a car thats supercharged with the engine stick out of the hood!!:)
oh yea i forgot to tell u something cool i did.:) when i drove over the brige i hit a bump and i starting do backflips!!!:D i did like about 10!!!:D
and i got another suggestion: mabe u can have car with a v12 engine like the lamboghini:D