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Deformable Ragdoll 'Cassio'

screenshot of the scene

Author: EPR_89

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.74 MB

Date added: 2011-10-10

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 11305

Views: 1421

Comments: 8

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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So here it is; my new ragdoll, named Cassio (I couldn't think of a name, so I went through my Shakespeare plays and Michael Cassio from Othello is a cool guy.). Personally, I think it turned out quite well. What do you think?
I created a small scene featuring a simple, breakable suspension bridge over a huge canyon at night, in order to not have him just stand in an empty space.
His neck works more like Bob's and he now has a rudimentary jaw, so his mouth will open upon hard hits. He also has an actual hairstyle. Fancy, fancy!:cool:
All body parts have been grouped together so that you can customise them easily (colours, materials, hinge break limits, etc.). The only one that has been grouped a bit differently is the head, because there are many small details. It was simply easier working on it that way. Parts that have no collision group are part of the layer and only there for the looks.

The controls are the same as always:
B erases the blood.
SHIFT erases the hinge that keeps him standing.
If you want to make him jump like in my scene "Escape, Bob!", or "Pitch Pane" simply select him as a whole and assign your desired controls. The geometry controller force has already been set by me (The only parts with geometry controllers are the top of the torso and the hip.).

One of the things I particularly didn't like about Mike was how inadequate his joints worked. I thought that by using perfect rectangles to create clean colliding surfaces I would avoid the problems Phun has with small colliding parts. The result was not that satisfying. So I took a closer look at Bob and Mike and compared their joints. In my opinion Bob's best joint was his knee. The surprising thing there was that I used one rectangle and a polygon. So I created a few concept joints to see how I could recreate this kind of joint without having the unfinished look of Bob. And I am really satisfied with how that turned out. All of Cassio's joints are following that principle and work very consistently.
The body shape is this time not based on my imagination or a idealised athlete, but an actual person, that none of you know and who won't be mentioned by me, because that would make him feel uncomfortable. At least I think it would be that way, after all you can do pretty insane things to him. But don't worry, he agreed on this ragdoll being modelled after him.
It is 1.73 MB. Pretty huge, isn't it? Don't worry. That's only because I used textures to give his clothes a bit of structure.

So what else is there to say?
Well, I'll probably try to create a story scene with him, as always and...

Have Phun!
And don't forget to comment and rate!

Update 1:
* I worked on the upper body layer a bit, to avoid having it stick out when the upper body bends a bit.
* I adjusted the hinge break limits for a few body parts.
* I worked on the jaw. It should now be virtually impossible for hits that are not comparable to a monster truck running over a bunny rabbit to push it through the skull. I tested it by letting him do the jump in 'Escape, Bob!" and making him eat a few ledges on the way down... I'm loving this far too much.
* I adjusted some of the hinge break levels in the spine. It's a bit tougher now.
Last edited at 2011/12/25 09:59:43 by EPR_89
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I can't believe this had been ignored..

It's good, but he seems a bit.. Bendy and floppy
He is supposed to be bendy. That's the only way to simulate the bendiness of the human spine without joints and at the same time making him deformable. But if there is something specific that seems not right to you it would be helpful if you described that, so that I can see if I can change something.
I always wondered whether or not I should add auto-brakes to the main hinges of the limbs to make him less floppy, but I thought that since he basically is a ragdoll, i.e. a lifeless body, that it would be most reasonable the way it is. If it really bothers you you can manually select those 12 hinges (shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet) and assign one. I guess a reasonable number would be 100 Nm motor strength. Feel free to experiment with that value.
Last edited at 2011/10/16 19:29:18 by EPR_89
I just mean, compared to Bob and Mike, he's a bit too.. loose.

The only thing I would make comment on physically is his neck. It seems to get thicker towards his head, and odd shape.
That's just the visual parts. I tried to make it look a bit like an adam's apple. You can change the shape with the brush to make it look the way you want it to.
Make a scene where Bob and Mike kill him >:D
Hey EPR_89! Glad to see you're still around!
Yeah, I'm still pretty busy. I still have a concept of the scene I want to upload next and I simply can't find the time to finish it, although it's not that complicated (yet). But on this site I'm kind of a lurker anyway. I regularly check out the latest scenes.
I made blood come out of his mouth and his hands go to his shoulders