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screenshot of the scene

Author: kmito222

Group: Default

Filesize: 120.35 kB

Date added: 2011-09-15

Rating: 6.3

Downloads: 2407

Views: 1678

Comments: 11

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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this is heavy russain kv-5 tank. i dont know much about it and from now on im going to make tanks more longer because of school :( :tdown:
but still im going to make them:)
ok whit the tank
move whit:
< and >

gun whit:
W and S

have fun and my next tank is going to be stug III :)
and i have algoboo do i need create another acc for modern tank if soo im going to name it modernkmito225:)
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super !!!!!!!!!! nice job :)
nice 1 :tup:
i know who is rating low:(
why the rating is low:o
all your tank are best:tup: :tup:
If you love Tanks so much... Consider Playing World of Tanks and make sure to add me my name is Weak1ings You can Use StugIII's Mauses... even Kv-5 and Sherman
Tank Physics are coming out sometime in the Future so you can run off a ramp in a VK2802!:lol:
Great Tank LOVE The suspension
I made an upgrade of this tank including a working gun and the tracks are more stable!
im playing world of tanks:D
Whats your name? Please tell me and i'll add you!:)
I am playing World of Tanks too:) My Name is: "Blubb"
Hello my name is 22nd_Shock i had to make an account just so i could tell you how impressed i am with your artwork on this program, i am a I.T uni student/gamer and i was wondering if i could use some of these artworks visual designs for my own side projects.
(i don't post them on website i just make them for fun in various programs for games and animations like you!)
If i can that would be awesome and if you are on the NA server say hi sometime! :tup:
sure use them and i would like to see what are you using them for :) :tup: