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Calculator of Horizontal projection

screenshot of the scene

Author: ao16

Group: Japanese

Filesize: 91.43 kB

Date added: 2011-08-31

Rating: 7.3

Downloads: 6037

Views: 1489

Comments: 14

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag


Up and down cursor keys to set the vertical distance.
Left and right cursor keys to set the speed.
Return key to start.

水平投射の計算機 (phun用)

Last edited at 2011/12/31 08:58:49 by ao16
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:o that is freaking awesome!
Just change sim.targetPenetration = 0.001 in algodoo to make this scene work.
Even Kilinich was amazed!

Me, too.

Awesome :tup:

Im asking myself how it works.

If Kilinich is amazed, then I surely will be even more amazed.

I will download as soon as I get a chance.

EDIT: Wow, that is awesome. Good job!
Last edited at 2011/09/03 02:53:17 by Someone Else
Thank you for explanation.

Thank you for rating.

Please use the similar triangles.

>>Someone Else
Did you like it?
Seems fantastic, why don't you do an algodoo version ?
Last edited at 2011/09/03 10:42:08 by Phunwars
>>Someone Else
Thank you :)

I am not familiar with algodoo.
I have more to learn.
I think I'm speaking in the name of all the algocommunity saying that your works would be pretty appreciated also on algodoo:) It's not that difficult to learn :)
I am flattered.
I think it takes a long time to change, please do not expect much from me.
i scored 2
:) awesome