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Space Arcade Shooter (1.9.8)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Nxdt

Group: Default

Filesize: 78.81 kB

Date added: 2011-07-22

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 498477

Views: 58365

Comments: 78

Ratings: 16

Times favored: 4

Made with: Algodoo v1.9.8b


Scene tag

Neat wee game i put together. I would call it 2.5D as i've used a weird perspective trick to make you think your moving forward.

Arrows steer the ship and the down key fires the lasers (Which always piont at the Vanishing point btw).

Thanks, and please use the latest verion of algodoo, 1.9.9
Last edited at 2011/12/28 14:28:22 by Nxdt
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doesn't work:(
Make sure you have the latest version of algodoo!!!
I'll put it in the description
Last edited at 2011/07/22 18:06:10 by Nxdt
i don't have the newest :$

didn't even know there was a newer one
Here it is if you haven't found it already; … amp;t=4402
this is an awesome scene! 10/10! is there anything to shoot at though?
it does work and does shoot but doesn't fly with the arrow keys:huh:
and when i first downloaded this scene i thought i was falling to the grid but not true:D
Thank you, I'm working on targets/enemys for future versions.

Make sure you read the desc and are you able to provide any more detail.
It uses thrusters. You'll have to get the newest open beta, 1.9.8.

It's in the link in Nxdt's post.

Great work by the way.
Will be waiting for the targets.
One more thing, the plane (or whatever you want to call it) moves downward if left idle. Was that intended?
_o_ _o_
Lol, funny.
i have the oldest version but it doesnt work!
Why would it work in the oldest version?
You need the newest version (1.9.8)
Thank you and yes it is intended to fall down when you leave it to idle.
a... ou sry, i readet that i need the oldest version^^ sorry!
That's really neat!
Need to try turning it into an entire game, considering that this level of awesome is so simple. Laser stopped working at some point after flying for five minutes.
And before anyone else says it:
Best thing I have ever seen:coolgrin: :tup:
10/10 Nxdt! I know it uses scripting, but I tink trying to download my scenes won't work properly beacause I use algodoo v2.0.2! 8D
Nxdt there are newer algodoo's so 1.9.9 is not the newest anymore
It doesn't matter. All versions 1.9.9 and above can play the scene. This is how versions work.
This very good and very beautiful *-*
looks..... AWESOME
Wow! Good work! Works brilliantly:) Thumbs up !
Nxdy, Saving Gaia game is edited soon
go to:
Or go to http//
The game is AWESOME! but its just that when i stop moving i kinda go out the world... you should also add enemys! Its not a space shooter unless it has enemys or hazards!
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