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Concussive Laser ! (1.9.8)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Gear97

Group: Default

Filesize: 368.48 kB

Date added: 2011-07-21

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 5617

Views: 1168

Comments: 14

Ratings: 18

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo v1.9.8b


Scene tag

An amazing laser pulse able to deliver kinetic energy on its target through a powerful blast.
Please subsccribe me ->
HAVE A NICE DAY ! :lol: :tup: _o_
Last edited at 2011/07/21 23:48:30 by Gear97
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nice cannon you must be an algodoo profesional:tup:
Well :lol: Thank you for the wonderful the comment, this is with happens when you are at algodoo at "only" 4 years (and with dedication).
COOL semms to work fine in 1.8.5 :tup: :tup:
Thank you "collabmate" :lol:
congrats man, beautiful work
Thank you:) I dont whatever else to say besides "thank you" :lol:
Valeu ae mano !:lol: :lol: :lol:
Great work!
Thank you:) Good comments keep me inspired _o_
nvm it works now:D 10/10
Last edited at 2011/07/23 13:16:59 by sanderwezep
WOW, I was not expecting all of these ratings for this scene :lol:
Last edited at 2011/07/23 21:48:38 by Gear97
This is brilliant!

Why Is There A Body On The Front That Has The Same Texture As The Design Itself?
He seems inactive *snore*
It's all like PEW...PEW...PEW...PEW...
I noticed that since it works by giving the object velocity, it works much better on super-dense objects because inertia = mass * velocity.