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How cigarettes can kill you

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Author: Nub Nub

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Filesize: 73.95 kB

Date added: 2011-06-14

Rating: 5

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The Radgoll came not from me

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Wait, before I download it, lemme guess what happens. A cigarette bullet shoots him?
OH, I was correct! Cigarette bullets shot him though, so I was only half right. Nice scene, even though this would never actually happen in real life :lol: .
Last edited at 2011/06/15 15:07:41 by FruitMonger

There's actually a recorded event of someone being shot with a cig.

A bunch of Americans were very, very drunk and decided it would be funny to shoot a cigarette at their friend. They got an old blackpowder rifle and put a cigarette in it. They shot their friend, and the cigarette penetrated his ribcage and lodged in his lungs.

Smoking kills, kids.
@Hellaboy: I watched that part on Mythbusters, and they confirmed that the myth is busted.
Cigarettes actually kill you by giving you lung cancer and putting nicotine in your body, which gets you addicted on your first smoke. Cigarettes will slowly but surely kill you. They also put other nasty chemicals in your body. So don't fall for it, guys. People will try to get you to smoke a cig, and once you agree and do it, your stuck with the habit. So say a firm "NO" to people who offer you a cig. Lol sorry for the boring comment.

Did You Know?

Cigarettes have chemicals put in moth balls in them! They also have things used to make, and this weird, toilet cleaner.
MythBusters tried that myth of two guys very,very drunk and the other guy got a rifle, stuck a cigarette in the pipe shot him in the chest in the heart