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TRR Tractor

screenshot of the scene

Author: RacecarGuy

Group: Default

Filesize: 431.05 kB

Date added: 2011-06-14

Rating: 3.9

Downloads: 2001

Views: 1014

Comments: 19

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Read ALL boxes everything you need to know is there. Fuel and Oil Filter replacements are going up first.
Last edited at 2011/07/01 15:20:17 by RacecarGuy
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1 the tractor isnt even running its running off of a motor.
2 when you press left the tractor doesnt move even if the engine is at full trottle
ill rate later when i can actually use it
80 metre long tractor ... I don't know what engine is powering, but it's certainly not the wheels.

I'll be generous and rate it a 3.
what are you guys talking about? I use the same system Trophytruckguy and Roman use in some of their projects (minaly trophy) but i designed my free coaster a certain way I'll explain later on in my comment, The motor should be running at full throttle before moving (push up after s has been pressed) The motor should stay at full throttle until up is pressed again. the drive train is 4, 3 sided gears linked with boxes hinged to them. when left is set as the brake option so the gear will move along with the crack shaft. Along with the free coaster. There shouldn't be any problems, post it in a scene response I'll take a look at it (you do hev my first 2 day "warrenty", The whole perpous is so i can fix bugs i mentioned that in the scene..)
It's been a day and nothing is posted, I am considering your comments fraudulent and will be removing them in the next 24 hours if nothing is posted.
It has been 2 full days, no scene responses posted. Not even comments back, I am considering your comments fraudulent. Please, don't try and say my scenes don't work, I worked hard on this. Your comments have been removed also.
Quite simply I can't be bothered trying to argue about it. It's an 80 metre long tractor with a crap engine that doesn't power anything.

And you don't have any authority to remove comments, so I wouldn't bother trying.
i know the engine isnt even running because i use the drag tool and stop the engine and the second i let go the engine is back to full revs (which means its being run by a motor.)
yea and so what if it's running off a motor? I'm not very good at scripting so just back off. And Dare it powers the wheels, are you stupid? At least I create scenes that actually show up when someone downloads them. I keep all my stuff basic, I make mine so no one should have a problem. The engine runs off a motor (PooPingDung thinks he's Mr.know it all for noticing that.) from there there is a 3 toothed gear attached to the crank connected to another gear of the same size using boxes hinged to it, from the there is 1 smaller 3 toothed gear fixiated to the bigger one which is linked to another of the same size to the wheel. The gear on the motor crank and the wheel use the "left key" as the control to "brake" causing the gear to lock onto the crank and wheel causing the wheel to spin. So don't criticize my work at least my scenes actually show up lie I said.

Oh and yes I can wanna make a bet?
Plus my friend tests all my scenes on his laptop to make sure there is no problems. It's ligit I've spent 100 hours (no joke) working on this so it'll be the exact way I want it to be.
Oh and wheres the scene responses? I did mention in the scene if there were any problems to upload it in a scene response along with your problem. And also the other 203 people didn't seem to have a problem. Why just you guys?
My final comment until you guys respond, I am uploading a bigger version of my tractor. I would recommend you to not download it considering you are having a problem with my scene. So I don't have to deal with idiots like you guys that criticize my work:) . You following me?
100 hours on this crap? That's just depressing. It's a couple of rectangles glued together man ... it's 80 metres long and over 4,000,000 kgs. If you spent 100 hours on Algodoo and this is all you can come up with, you better go back to the basic tutorials.

And no, you have no authority to delete my comments. That's why they are still there.
Yea uhu I do matter of a fact. And yes 100 hours. You can go fuck your self I'm serious, atleast my "crap" can be used yurs shit don't even show up for christ sake. and talk about "crap" you guys use scripting and modifiying shit too. Atleast I have the skill to assemble something that uses more than 3 tings like many users on here. I was self taught on this i don't need any tutorials. So don't critiscize my work asshole, I was being fair the first time. Now your being the huge steaming peice of shit I seen you as from the begining. Make the Que i'll delete all the comments before you can belive it.
and aha try me u aint gunna like what im about to do.
the scene doesnt work period i tried it on 3 different machines all with different algodoo versions (1.9.5; 1.8.5; and 1.7.6 the tractor just sits there. I am "Mr. KnowItAll" stop being a troll you didnt spend 100 hours on this that is one whole week STRAIGHT. I know someone that makes amazing engines in 3 hours that beat this whole scene by a longshot.
My scenes don't show up because you are using Phun, an the scenes are not compatible. Any basic user of Phun/Algodoo knows that, but obviously you don't.

I actually laughed when you said this took you 100 hours. Honestly, I can make something better than this in 5 minutes.

And yes I script, because I'm clearly more experienced and far better at Phun/Algodoo than you are. I'm self taught too, but to be honest if this is the best you can make, I suggest you stick to Microsoft Paint or some program more suited to your skill level.

And you still haven't deleted my comments.

And now your trolling on my scene, trying to get some sort of revenge. You are truly pathetic, you're getting banned.
Can I be TRR crew? :3
could you have used a spring engine?
scopednightmare- no we couldn't or spring engines like either work for a little bit and bug and break or not work at all.