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Ultimate Land-mine Phunlet

screenshot of the scene

Author: myakka

Group: Phunlets

Filesize: 233.34 kB

Date added: 2011-06-04

Rating: 7.9

Downloads: 4873

Views: 1176

Comments: 12

Ratings: 12

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

this is an anti personnel/vehicle land-mine. this is my first mine ever. although it seems to be complex it does not lag too much. it requires you to insert an explosive capsule to be able to detonate the mine.

1. insert the red detonation capsule into the mine. part of this is already done for you, all you have to do is pull up on the capsule with the drag tool until it locks itself in place. WARNING!: do not pull on the capsule to hard or the firing pin will detonate it!

2. place the mine in the appropriate area off a plane. if you want to drive over the bomb, i suggest "digging a hole" so that the pressure plate can rest just above the ground but is easy to drive over. on the pressure plate located on the top of the mine. or press enter to remote detonate.

4. useful information: the object applying pressure to the mine must have a collide set of B ( this is to make sure that accidental detonation is not a problem. ) the bomb requires that a 1m X 1m square with a density off 2 must be at a hight of at least 2m to detonate the bomb under default scene settings. Also,anything touching the bomb must be immortal.

5. giving credit were credit is due: nuke by Mr. possible(modified by me)

there you go, thats all you need to know to start your own terrorist organization

Last edited at 2011/06/04 11:38:33 by myakka
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Great mine, really enjoyed it! :cool:
loved it 10/10
Its awesome! but you could of made it smaller. 9/10
just size it down:huh: but thanks
Great mine! It looks great, no lag, works fine. 10/10
Thanks! Be sure to check out my extra cartridge it works better but it might slow a tiny bit:lol:
This landmine is the best ever!!!
ive been using it for rockets and stuff, helping me learn to script and I've taken it apart to learn to make my own.

11/10 for this mine _o_ _o_ _o_
I just found the new cartrige and detonated it and it closed phun!!!
then i looked at the script menu and i couldnt realize how anyone could remember so much script!!
again 11/10_o_ _o_ _o_
Last edited at 2011/07/01 08:21:53 by langley
Wow thanks so much! Im sorry it closed phun but i thought it would do the oposite! This is the highest rating i have ever had! I hope it gets better though... I didnt think that this would work in phun. If you want to i can teach you a trick on scripting. Just email me at
Wow, I...I...I... Dont know what to say!!!!!!! :}

I give it a 1000000000000000/10
teach me the scrpits
one mistake,
land mines dont explode upon compressing them, they explode upon decompressing the pressure plate on the top (aka stepping off of it)
note that i also fully dismantled it, the build quality looks pretty nice.
Last edited at 2017/11/29 23:36:16 by aus2006