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Situation Critical 14 (2 player)

screenshot of the scene

Author: xmaster360

Group: Default

Filesize: 503.95 kB

Date added: 2011-05-22

Rating: 8.1

Downloads: 10408

Views: 1319

Comments: 14

Ratings: 13

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Well here you go. Been making this one for months, or so.

When I first uploaded the two S.C.-s with those giant ships sliding on ice I didn't really think they would be so popular. You see, the first ship was made quite some time ago, even before S.C. 1, and when I made a few S.C.-s with trucks I though what the hell, let's make something more crazy. So I used that ship and posted it as an S.C. And I was kinda surprised that people loved that one so much, so I made another one and now the third one.

Also, for me this is the laggiest S.C. so far, probably because of the amount of ropes.
So if you have problems with lag delete a few boxes and ragdolls. Or if you want more fun add more of them, I don't know.

NOTE: If you want to make a scene like this or if you want to use anything mine, even the whole scene, I don't mind. I actually think it's great if you use something mine and make it better. Or worse.
So you don't have to ask me for permission, just give me credit for it in the end (and tell me when you made your scene so I can rate it).

Player 1 --- a,w,s,d
Player 2 --- arrows

Also note that the ships and the icy mountain look kinda crappy. All of that is because of some technical issues (like ragdolls getting stuck on sharp edges), so they look the way they do so you can enjoy the ride without any glitches.

And if it isn't to complicated for you, I would appreciate if you at least rate the scene, because I think most people don't even know I make S.C.-s anymore.

Also, does anyone actually read the description?
Last edited at 2011/05/22 10:40:54 by xmaster360
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Well, if all goes according to plan, S.C. 15 should come out in the near future. Although I wouldn't wait for it...
Dude your scenes are sweet! i cant wait till 15. I made a vertion where you could drive the ship.
Oh man, that scene was a total madhouse! Or maybe... madship? xD I love all your scenes, and most f them gave me some inspiration. Alse this scene brought me an idea for my "macho the stuntman" game. I'll write a link for it, when it'll be done.:tup: Oh, I almost forgot - I give again 10/10 for your game!:tup: :lol:
Come on, make something new in this good scenes, you are at your 14 in this series. Make some explosives too that reacts and go boom after 5 sec.
I made a sc when you had a mission.

You had to go in to one of the trucks before the next tunnle came and arm the bomb, get to the bike in the front of the truck and realese the chain to the bike and survive the wery big blast that took out the whole set of tanks and truks and cars. really fun, when you played with a friend .Can you make something like this????
I'm pretty good when it comes to making stuff fun, but when it comes to making complicated devices I fail.
The most advanced contraption I made in S.C.-s is probably the lever that cuts of the wheel and makes the vehicle come to a sudden stop. So no, you probably won't see any explosion and running away from shockwaves in my series, also because of my low end computer.

But maybe if I ever teamed up with another Phun user that can make awesome technical stuff...
It's really great:) I think you should the games more dynamic, so that you play them again. Or make more 'destructive features' like some things that you can drop on the track or maybe even an "help car": you drop it end the car rams all other cars:)

Something like that, that you play them more than once (i do that, but i add my own things then:))


And your scene is 1 brick up:D
thanks so much :tup:
lol... i made a lazer gun with short range and put that in there! it was so fun killing those guys! 10/10!:tup:
Lazer gun?
Inside a huge ship sliding down an icy mountain?
Well upload it, I need to see this madness.

And this goes to all of you people, I would appreciate if you uploaded your modded scenes of my S.C.-s. I'd like to see what YOU've come up with.
i gonna make it to whole new thing:tup:
I love all of these scenes so much, i have a special folder just for them.... is that creepy?:lol:
Xmaster360, we won't let you down, we shall try to mod some of your scenes, giving credit of course, and I have Algodoo, so I might use lasers and stuff... make it more interesting with lasers and thrusters. I will also advertise your scenes:) :tup: :coolgrin: in my scenes desc.
very good