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Full Scale Le Rhone 9C Rotary Engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: Dare

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.12 MB

Date added: 2011-04-02

Rating: 7.9

Downloads: 4606

Views: 2819

Comments: 18

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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Big project I have been working on.

When I say big, I mean I have built and rebuilt this engine about 5 times, reverse engineered about 20 different engines on Algobox, and wasted many hours trying to build mechanical parts that are reliable and work well.

Finally she is done! :rolleyes:

9 separate working cylinders, spawn powered. 767 objects + textures. Hope you have a good PC. :)

Real size, real weight. It would be virtually impossible to get real specs on this engine though, seeing as the sim.frequency would have to be changed to compensate for the massively high speeds of this engine.

Once again this is a mechanical copy of the real thing. But some adjustments obviously to include valves. I made my own mechanism for that one. :blush:

Start the sim, and if the engine doesn't start straight away press S to give it a kick start.

I might make a V2 soon, I don't know though. :*)

Thanks for downloading. :+
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Old Style 6C Rotary Engine Dare 7.2 (7 votes) 2295 6 2011/03/31 10:44:15
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Title: Full Scale Le Rhone 9C Rotary Engine V2
Rating: 7.1528
Filesize: 1.44 MB
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It's looks nice when it stay. It's looks perfect when it's running!
now you are good boy! ;)
perfect _o_
Last edited at 2011/04/02 09:39:06 by Kilinich
Wow, thanks guys! Glad you like it.

Kilinich, I'm a good boy? Because I have evolved my engine well? :)
Nice made, the looks are perfect and the most important thing is that it runs smoothly. :tup: Oh and it was definitely worth to download it :devil:
Thanks brother! Yes looks are always as important as functionality to me. So far I have lots of 10s, I hope to get a few people favouring this scene. :)
:blink: This engine is so amazing! No words just a 10/10._o_
Thanks! Just you wait for V2. :)
This is why I want sound in algodoo.

Amazing! _o_
Damn. I tried maybe three times to make a working rotary engine, I guess this is what it takes :blink: .
It's easy if you "reverse engineer". I just found some cross sections of rotaries on the Internet, learnt about the mechanics and rebuilt in Algodoo. Of course that is basically how I did it, there is a lot more too it than that. Good luck with it! :zzz:
looking at the timing of the valves, piston, and ignition, you reversed the cycle
if you'de make the starter run the other way, it'll work in real life
like this, it just jams instantly

you start to suck new fuel and air right after ignition, which just pushes fire into the fuel tank and jams in the best case
worst case scenario = exploding fuel tank

so if you reverse the starter, it is a great model

just sayin'
So, are you saying it should spin CW or CCW? It works both was, so I can just put an anti-rotation bracket on V2.
collission would maybe do better, no limit for rpm(spawnig stuff outside the cylinder on high rpm)
Very nice, however the valve timing is all messed up, the cam ring needs to also rotate at 1/2 the engine speed and the cylinders should fire alternately every other revolution to be totaly realistic;) Check out the timing on my radial here:
Even though mine is a radial and not a rotary the principal is exactly the same!
Still 10/10 for great artwork and engineering but can be improved:tup: :tup:
Yeh I know it's all out of time, I don't know how to make it in time. I guess I could use c-gears, but I wouldn't know where to start. Maybe make a tut? Valves are by far the hardest part of an engine in Algodoo. :)

Thanks for the nice comments and ratings, you are engine pro ;)
Are you kidding me this is amazing! :D :D :D :D :D