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Drifting Game version 2.0

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Author: TC42

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.83 MB

Date added: 2011-04-02

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 1328

Views: 507

Comments: 2

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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The second edition of my drifting game... lots of updates!

Mouse to steer, and the farther the mouse is from the car, the faster the car will go.
Press and hold the up arrow to keep the engine on (engine shuts off when you stop pressing the up arrow)
Right arrow key is turbo boost (turbo will run out, but recharges as you drive)
Left arrow key is traction control, which is there mainly for saves, so if your car is about to drift off the track, press the left arrow key and it'll stop the car from drifting. It will slow the car down, however. Traction control will also run out, but recharges as you drive.

Other stuff that may (or may not) be important:
If you stray from the track, the background color will change from green to red, so if you have heart conditions...;)

Updates since last version:
+ added tracer-tires + mud-tracks (kinda) that change appearance based on mouse position
+ Added lap timer + penalties
+added obstacles (boulders) + damage (the more damage you sustain, the sloppier the controls get)
+added fuel
+ added pit lane so you can repair & refuel the car

Stuff that I will add in the final version:
+ Opponent
+ Engine toggle
+ I plan to have the final version be a phi file, so that you can choose between different tracks
+ Ability to choose user car

Also, if there is mass lag, reset your config.

So please, give me suggestions as to what to add in the final version, and if you have any good car three- views, please share them; it is incredibly difficult to find any overhead car textures...

Last edited at 2011/04/02 01:45:48 by TC42
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It don't work..:s
Yes it does. You have to press and hold the up arrow key to drive, and use the mouse to steer.

And you have to use algodoo.