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Omega Laser

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (Paradigm 29)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 164.46 kB

Date added: 2008-09-21

Rating: 7.4

Downloads: 1796

Views: 3017

Comments: 12

Ratings: 54

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Higher ammo capacity
Faster reload
Higher projectile velocity
Neat pen effects

Use the arrow keys to aim and ENTER (return) to fire. If it somehow doesn`t reload you can push numpad 0 to manually reload.

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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Omega Cannon phunbox1 (Paradigm 29) 7.6 (48 votes) 1174 15 2008/09/19 05:54:23
show grid
hey nice, could you possibly make a one with more ammo capacity and post it plz???
shoot straight up by pressing 0 without letting go, its faster :D
Nice mechanism. 4/5.
delete old gun on omega walker and put on laser
Wow! Wow! Wow! Dang thats a fancy mechanism!
holy crudballs i love this thing!
good, fires well, the only downside was i have a laptop so i couldn't use the numpad controls but i found the hinge and didi that
why i cant reload:huh::huh: :(
its very very very goood , realy!!:P :D
This laser vs. detail breakable car... OH SH*T!!!!!:D
If anyone wants to see the Omega Laser mounted on the Omega Cannons walker, please see my upload "Omega Laser Tweek"
it exploded when i shooted:P