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zombie apocalypse episode 6: in the woods

screenshot of the scene

Author: jakedmoon

Group: Default

Filesize: 310.54 kB

Date added: 2011-03-19

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 7816

Views: 1612

Comments: 18

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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after hearing the beeping sound you suddenly realize that the truck was rigged with explosives
after being thrown onto your back you get hit over the head with a blunt object
a while later you wake up in a strange place
with all your items gone

arrows to control
enter to swing

episode 7 will be a driving level
and it will be set in a swamp
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i have beaten every level of this series so far and i love it:tup: :tup: :tup:
Woah! It's amazing and scary! I hope the next levels will have more gore and blood! 10/10 :tup:
i didnt think this level would be accepted as well as the others
as i was totally out of ideas after getting out of the shack

and the next level will probably have more gore
though i might have to ditch that idea since im having lag issues
im going to totally revamp the entire game system in episode 7
with new models for everything

i wont be able to carry on with the vehicle in the end of this level
i just cant seem to fit my ragdoll inside
so i will need suggestions on the vehicle (this wont be a permanent vehicle and it will probably be in poor condition in a few episodes i will bring back the original truck (maybe))

if you have any suggestions for new zombie types then i would gladly put them into the game
if the suggestions are too supernatural (i.e smoke zombie) they will probably be ignored
Last edited at 2011/03/20 00:32:52 by jakedmoon
brilliant!great job.keep up the good work!~sparky
its cool but i do think there should be some sort of danger in facing the zombies
itd be great if they could try to attack you instead of just standing there ;)
MAKE MORE! I EVEN SUBSCRIBED!!!:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
episode 7 is about a quarter the way finished
i might upload a demo of it
introducing the new models and the new vehicle

the new incarnation of the original truck
probably something like this … er-ram.jpg
i dont know why it wont let you see it
but anyway
its pretty much just a 1987 dodge power ram

also i need suggestions for episode 7
its pretty short right now and i dont want to upload it until its longer
Last edited at 2011/03/23 16:39:56 by jakedmoon
well lets seee... oh have u seen "i am legend movie" those mutants would be awsome for zombies exsept needs some deadish looks....
ok ur in the swamp zombies come rising up from the swampy water(and they r aprouching u oh and make sure they can hurt u)
in the swamp u find a 22 riffle and u shoot the zombies 3-5 shots to kill them after u get out of the swamp u find a camsite and JHON AND JIM ARE THERE(make sure they r friends with u) and they give u info about whats going on(i think a pollution 4 the deaths and toxic waste for the zombie mode but u and them are lucky)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn­nnnnndddddddddddddd i can't think of anything else sssoooo i hope u like it;)
some of that probably wont work since its a driving level
and i dont know...ill see if i can fit it in there
c'mon, make more awesome scenes!:lol:
this is awesome! :tup: 8/10.
if you make the zombies attack i will rate 10/10
Last edited at 2011/03/25 17:38:11 by Akaiga
just try 2 make it work(But u can change it so it will work)

P.S PLZ make those munants from i am legend :coolgrin:(if u know what i am talking about)
i have finished episode 7
i am uploading it right now
i choked the heck out of a zombie and my team xD
and i removed the wheponn out and used Barehand to kill the zombies