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zombie apocalypse episode 5: out of gas (teaser)

screenshot of the scene

Author: jakedmoon

Group: Default

Filesize: 208.2 kB

Date added: 2011-03-15

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 5283

Views: 1516

Comments: 11

Ratings: 3

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Made with: Phun


Scene tag

a teaser for the upcoming zombie apocalypse game

there is a twist to the episode
you are on foot fighting off the zombies with a army knife you ripped off of your brushguard

arrows to control movement
enter to attack

NOTE: this is unfinished please dont complain about how short it is as the full version will be much longer and will have other updates aswell

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im running out of ideas for episode 5
so if you have any ideas for scenery, events, things happening, different zombie types then please say
Last edited at 2011/03/16 16:51:32 by jakedmoon
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hmmmmm.... what about a swamp?, also i got an idea for the next episode,

zombie apocalypse episode 6: the train/plane/boat
see, much better then that ''pointless'' scene i love ur scenes ok? see what i mean?:lol:

and i like the idea for a swamp

in episode 7 expect that to be the thyme (im finished with 5 and already have an idea for 6)

the zombies don't attack at all, why?
will it come in the updates

once i find a way to make it somewhat realistic
Maybe you have to make your way through a large cruise boat that's crashed on the coast? (You could then have him take a life boat to somewhere else... maybe?):)
lol i got a zombiekabob
wait wait addgun,s to 6 throw 19 epsodes and at 19 he gets a gt 500 and go to tokoyo and buys a alot of guns and call,s chinas army to help him fhight the zombies that are in usa form zombie apocalypes and him and chinas amys gets a eward for saveing usa form a zombie apocalypes huh huh huh how about that and gtes a job of being a ass kicking zombie legend and area 51 gives him a shot that gives him the proto type albitys and pepel all the around the wrold call,s him prtotype 2
is that cool jakedmoon plz i like my ideas so can you do that plz i will be your friend and i live on 947 pom cort enyone that comes here with a gun and that says give me all of your mony and your stuff and your house if you do i have my dad,s army knife i will kill you if you stael got that
fuckers i will call the cops and they will get it back and kill you
plz thats my idea for 5 more epsodes
maybe you can add a airplane so the person can escape with zombies in the top of the plane