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The Yamato

screenshot of the scene

Author: Under Ground

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.02 MB

Date added: 2011-08-23

Rating: 8.4

Downloads: 5897

Views: 1169

Comments: 28

Ratings: 18

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you: The Yamato.

About 2 months of work went into this beast. But now, it is finally finished and uploaded! With over 5900 geometries, I believe that I no currently hold teh record for the most Geoms in one scene! Please note that this is not functional, and is designed to be viewed, rather than played with. Un pausing the scene will caus ethe ship to explode. You have been warned.

Anyway, a bit about the Yamato itself.
The Yamato was a Japanese battle ship, the biggest ever built. Measuring over 250 meters long, and weighing 71,000 tonnes, this monster was a force to be reckoned with.

CREDITS: Sanderwezep and Sheepborg, for encouraging me the entire way.
Emanuel, for getting this thing up and onto Algobox.

WARNING: This may crash your Algodoo. You have been warned.
Last edited at 2011/08/25 02:30:20 by Under Ground
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finally, you managed to upload it:P

"This may crash your Algodoo" This ship is too good for algodoo :tup:
Has someone rated this a one?
It was either an idiot who cannot read the warnings, or a texture whore;)
Why didn't you do a texture on Gimp, Photoshop or even paint and then use it instead of laggy polygons?
Why would you use simple textures if you can put work into it with polygon shading?
They can be complicated textures too. I don't get it, spend 2 months to make something that you can't use at all?
Its art, bro.
I understand that this is art, and it looks awesome:tup:
but i dont like to download a whole scene just to look at it ;)
still, 10/10
I've got 150 euros of processor and only opening this scene took me 2 minutes and it run at 48%...AND i had to stop algodoo (I didn't even saw the scene because it was still loading) because even Ram couldn't handle it...I have 2 Gb of ram and 1,33 Gb of Ram were used to try to open the scene...I mean this is too much even for a pc <_< I'll not rate by the way
Read the description, idiot.
Was it necessary to insult me ? :tdown:
Last edited at 2011/08/26 20:10:36 by Phunwars
If you cant read, then obviously it is. And Im in a bad mood. -_-
It's a little too much effort when this can be done so much easier...
Too much effort? That doesn't even make sense:P
I read it, but I have a good pc and I thought I could play it, but it isn't playable with my pc. If you're in a bad mood then, before posting/saying something, think 10 seconds. Jesus...
Last edited at 2011/08/27 22:39:07 by Phunwars
I downloaded this scene and it's awesome!

Only problem is that I had to un pause to see what would happen...

P.S:My computer dosen't want to turn on for some reason:bonk:
what could it be?:s
Did i ever mention i love you underground? (no homo :lol: )
i better close everything while i attempt to actually open it...
but i saw it as a WIP and it was awesome then.. so ..
yes,, i made up a number for this
alright, it opened up right away for me:) (somehow my pretty laptop barely had any trouble wtf)

Anyways.. i would have to say that i love the shading on every pipe, and i am a big fan of the crane out in the back. oh and the weathering ooohhhh that awesome weathering

although there was a mistake, you forgot several rungs on the ladder on the front gun thingy... must be at least 10 polys missing because of that

great great great work, as expected from you. :tup:

i need to bust out the old laptop and finish some scenes sometime. i know i have a widebody 260 z or something like than and an ultra-detailed porsche and a le mans car i designed.. i think i have a completed pikes pike unlimited car finished even...
Thanks guys. :)
1000/10 :coolgrin: :tup: :tup:
Very cool. I bet 6000 parts took you a long time to make! 10/10 :lol:
You bet
For all you people that downloaded it and it took more than 2 seconds, GET A NEW COMPUTER!!!
Well, that scene is Full of pieces!:blink:
Really laggy.<_<
I'd say...
1/10 = Laggyness
1000000/10 = Effort
10/10 = realisticness <---(Is that even a word??)
Algobot say realism instead of realisticness..
I noticed on the boom of the crane near the rear there appears like theres a missing beam. Pls fix that. Other than that awesome scene!