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5bits Decoder

screenshot of the scene

Author: rangycrow

Group: Default

Filesize: 101.23 kB

Date added: 2011-01-18

Rating: 8.6

Downloads: 8783

Views: 1463

Comments: 18

Ratings: 20

Times favored: 4

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Automatic 5bits decoder.
Alphabet block has 5bits data in its collideset.
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That is un-freakin-believable.
One of the most epic scenes ever.:blink:
holy bajeeze!
:blink: This mechanism is fantastic ! It is very interesting see how it work ! :tup:
Its a printer!!! Awesome!!!
interesting mechanism for the memory decoding unit to be able to store more information
a little fake.. make a version printing the text the boxes contain not only PHUN;)
You can get it to write anything, theres a whole keyboard of letters above the scene.

Anyway, AWESOME :tup:
AWeSOME! Wrote my name with it. great!!
HOLY .... THAT WAS UN-FREAKING BELIEVABLE. I don't know how you made that but i know that i don't have a freaking chance. i worship this scene you made_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
Last edited at 2012/02/24 20:12:59 by Kilinich
Once again, and once again agreeing with everyone else, after seeing that later-published pendulum clock, amazing work.

Second scene of yours in two days to make my hard disc.
That is unprecedented, although four of Kilinich's scenes did make the cut.

I spelled out (but didn't print) "PHUN IS AWESOME!" before I saved it.

Occasionally, I found, the tall vertical slider on the right fails to stay down during the printing cycle, so it prints a space instead of, in this case, this case being the first time I tested "PHUN IS AWESOME!" after first saving it, the "N" in "PHUN" and the first "E" in "AWESOME".
So it printed "PHU IS AW SOME!".
But I reloaded the scene (to test if it still worked) and it worked fine.

Again, great scene.
It'd be really cool if it worked, but it didn't work five times in a row. It wrote one P, a half of a P, and the other half of a P instead of PHUN!
reload the scene and try again
I wonder what happened, FruitMonger, for me it worked perfectly.
:blink: EPICCCCC
How does this work??? I couldn't make anything like this to save my life!!!
Also this scene is really very complicated to assemble.